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The 'Majik Frog' that changed lives

This is a story about how young artist Lily and inspirational buyer Tracey made a special connection that raised funds for ground-breaking medical research. 

11 year old artist Lily, from Bellingen NSW, didn't think her colourful pastel drawing Majik Frog was 'good enough' to be shared with Art of Kindness.


With encouragement, Lily was proud to see her work displayed on Art of Kindness' online gallery and promoted on social media. Lily asked that The Common Good be the charity beneficiary of her sale.

"I just feel so sad when I think about people dealing with incurable illnesses," Lily said.

Majik Frog was snapped up by a Sydney-based buyer Tracey, making Lily's drawing one of the first pieces sold through Art of Kindness' gallery.

This success story became even more moving when buyer Tracey sent Lily this message:  

"It's a beautiful piece Lily, you're a very talented artist. I love it because: 
1. It's Purple (my favourite colour)
2. It's a 'Majik' Frog (everyone could do with a little 'majik' in their lives) and
3. Your chosen charity supports Medical Research (I'm currently fighting terminal cancer)
Thank you so much ❤ "

This was a wonderful affirmation for budding artist Lily that someone saw and appreciated her talent. 

Moved by Tracey's message, Lily included a personal note when she posted the piece. Lily was proud and excited that she had made a positive impact on the world.

When Lily received another message from Tracey, she did an actual happy dance.


"Hi Lily, I just wanted to let you know that your Majik Frog has arrived at his new home and he is even more ‘majikal’ in person. Also, thank you so much for the lovely note. I can't believe how talented you are at only 11 years old ... can't wait to see what you do next ❤ "

Art of Kindness is forging special connections between artists and buyers, uniting them in a love of art and the intention to make a difference in the world. The Common Good thanks Megan and the team at Art of Kindness, and people like Lily and Tracey for their contribution.

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