Who we are

About Us

The Common Good, an initiative of The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation, exists to enable people to live healthier for longer.

Through the power of the collective, we support and facilitate the work of incredible researchers who are dedicated to making breakthroughs in the areas of heart disease, lung disease, mental health and ageing.

Our research areas are health issues that touch nearly everyone in some way. Whether it be a friend, a family member or a colleague, we all know someone who is impacted by at least of one these conditions. In turn, that means we all know someone who can benefit from funding research in these areas. By funding research, we can provide hope to those suffering today, and hope for the future generations to come.

The impacts of our research ripple right across the nation and the world. We’re on a mission to sustain the work of our brilliant researchers so that they can continue to make life-saving and life-changing medical breakthroughs. And we want you to join us.

Research is a long game, so we need to support and fund as many hours as possible to ensure no stone is left unturned in any of our research areas. Every extra hour of research gets us one step closer to a medical breakthrough.

Our mission

Our mission is to enable people to live healthier for longer by sustainably backing research and hospital innovation projects to their completion.

In addition to advancing research into heart disease, lung disease, mental health and dementia, we are also proud to provide local hospital support to both The Prince Charles Hospital, Australia’s largest cardiothoracic hospital, as well as Caboolture Hospital.

Our social enterprise model

To help cover our operational costs, The Common Good operates various social enterprise businesses including cafes and a catering business. This means that donations from the public can be maximised and funnelled directly into research, and not administration or resources.

Our Patron

The Common Good is honoured to have His Majesty, King Charles the Third as its Patron since 1987.

The Common Good will be the most effective and efficient health innovation charity in Australia and we strive to do this in three important ways:

We make what we do tangible

We’ve quantified that every

$48 donated = 1 hour
of research time

We communicate with our donors to let them know when the Time they gave us is being used, and how their contribution is making a real impact

The research we fund is focussed on real outcomes

Our research space is unique in that researchers have timely access to patient samples and work directly with frontline health professionals in a teaching hospital environment

We focus on funding innovative research that has the potential to have a very real and profound impact

We dare to be different to maximise the impact

We operate commercial businesses to help self-fund our charitable operations

We offer people hope and inspiration to encourage involvement without ‘guilting’ people into giving.

To sustainably fund medical innovation, we have to consider doing things differently both in how we run our operations and engage our stakeholders

Leadership Team

Chief Executive Officer

Steve Francia

Chief Operating Officer

Katrina Beasley ACA

General Manager of Communications, Marketing & Engagement

Chloe Nguyen

General Manager of Philanthropy

Grant Nibbs

Research Manager

Doctor Megan Grace

General Manager of Major Gifts

Mick Dwane

General Manager of Social Enterprises

Jason Medok

Board of Directors

Mr Christopher Morton (Chair)
Managing Director

Unity Pacific Funds Management Limited

Ms Veronica (Bonny) Barry 
Metro North HHS Representative

Mr Toby Innes 
Head of Retail & E-commerce

Brisbane Airport Corporation

Ms Catherine Donovan
Head of PR Strategy & Events

Network 10

Mr Paul McMahon 
Company Director

Mrs Lara Lowndes 
Managing Director

Lowndes Holdings Pty Ltd

Mr Anthony White 
Chief Executive Officer

Terry White Chemmart

Ms Margo MacGillivray
Senior Governance Advisor

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Ms Kim Wainwright 
Managing Director

Xplore Resources

Ms Corinne Mulholland
Head of Public Affairs (Queensland)

The Star Entertainment Group

Ms Shannon Willoughby
Director Government Relations and Policy

University of Queensland

Mr Martin Rowen
Director, Business Development (Clients & Markets)


Finance, Audit & Risk Committee (FAR)


Oversight of financial governance, financial reporting, audit and risk.

Mr Paul McMahon (Chair)
Company Director

Mr Toby Innes
Head of Retail & E-commerce
Brisbane Airport Corporation

Mr Christopher Morton
Managing Director, Unity Pacific Funds Management Limited

Ms Margo MacGillivray
Senior Governance Advisor, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Steve Francia
Chief Executive Officer – The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation

Mrs Katrina Beasley 
Chief Operating Officer – The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation