Corporate Research
Support Partnership

Research is happening faster now than any other time in history, we can’t afford to slow down now

You might not be able to operate a microscope, analyse complex data or perform delicate surgery but you can do something that’s equally important in making medical breakthroughs.

Corporate Research Support Partnership means your organisation is making a powerful difference to the community today and well into the future.

By working together, we can solve humanity’s biggest health problems and make the world better for everyone. Hour by hour, one discovery at a time.

Our research focuses on developing practical, clinical outcomes. Many of our researchers are also health and medical professionals working on the frontline, in hospital at the forefront of patient care. They see the need. They have the skills. All they need is the support to drive research that will improve patient outcomes. We don’t do research for research’s sake. It’s research for a good reason.

Want to learn more about Corporate Research Support Partnership opportunities?

Please contact:

Chloe Nguyen
General Manager of Communications, Marketing and Engagement
1800 501 269

Partnership Tiers

Live the core values of your organisation, increase your employee engagement and support your community by partnering with The Common Good. We have a number of programs which you could partner with us on, including:

Bespoke Partnerships
It’s about making an impact that resonates. Imagine if your organisation’s investment led to a medical discovery that changed the lives of millions. Talk to us about how we can develop a bespoke partnership that aligns with your organisation’s values.

Research Fellowships
$110,000 per annum (3 year commitment)

All of us want to feel that we are part of something bigger. Connect your employees with the research journey of one of our dedicated, post-doctoral researchers who are leading the way in developing innovative medical discoveries. Talk to us about how you can back research with a sponsored fellowship, an opportunity which doesn’t just provide hope and sustainability, but a legacy that your organisation can be proud of.

Research Projects
 Up to $100,000

Immerse your organisation in a research project. Your employees will be a key part of the research team which includes a unique mix of scientists, engineers, nurses, medical and allied health professionals. Talk to us about how we can make this happen.

PhD Scholarships
$33,641 per annum (3 years)

Ideas born in the lecture theatre can have a real impact on the lives of future patients in the hospital theatre. Make this a reality by investing in those who have committed themselves to a PhD, the highest research degree awarded requiring dedication over many years. They are dedicating their time for the common good. Help us to back them – contact us to find out how.

New Investigators
$12,000 per annum (increasing as of 2024)

Becoming a researcher is daunting enough, but if you don’t have the backing to make ideas a reality then it’s even harder. This is where our partnership with you comes in, we’ll provide the support to create an environment enabling researchers to flourish and you’ll be able to see innovation come to fruition. Talk to us about how we can make this happen

Want to know more about current opportunities?

Please contact:

Chloe Nguyen
General Manager of Communications, Marketing and Engagement
1800 501 269

Buying Time for The Common Good

Connect your customers to the cause with our bespoke corporate giving platform call Buying Time.  

Buying Time allows businesses to purchase hours of research time, and then invite their stakeholders to allocate these hours of time to an area of medical research that is most meaningful to them.  

Find out more

The Common Good is dedicated to helping people everywhere live healthier lives for longer. With Buying Time, you can be part of this journey by funding medical research in bulk and allowing your customers to allocate the funds to the research that matters to them.

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