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Charlie’s Village Story

9News Queensland
Dec 8th, 2023

In an Australian first, a Brisbane hospital is revolutionising the care dementia patients receive if they have to stay in hospital.

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Ekka Strawberry Sundaes Coverage

7News Brisbane
May 18th, 2023

The Ekka is still a few months away but preparations are already underway for 2023’s show.

The first batch of the famous strawberry sundae has been poured.

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Australian Unity Tour de Brisbane coverage

9News – Bulletin
April 2, 2023

7,000 people participating in annual cycling event, Australian Unity Tour de Brisbane for a good cause.

Australian Unity Tour de Brisbane event riders shut down the biggest and busiest roads to help ride for transplant research.

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Australian Unity Tour de Brisbane

April 2, 2023

7,000 people participating in annual cycling event, Australian Unity Tour de Brisbane for a good cause.

Australian Unity Tour de Brisbane event riders shut down the biggest and busiest roads to help ride for transplant research.

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Going for Gold!

Studio 10
March 30, 2023

Aussie dad Rob Hodgson riding 80km virtually live to help raise money for transplant research.

Aussie dad Rob helping raise money 3 months post transplant recovery to help inspire and make an impact to those who are also touched by transplant research.

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Huge fundraiser to help Caboolture kids

Moreton Daily
March 16, 2023

Coles’ new supermarket at Caboolture Big Fish has helped launched an annual fundraiser for Curing Homesickness to help sick children in two hospitals.

Funds raised from today until March 28, at Coles supermarkets in Queensland, will buy vital medical equipment at Caboolture Hospital and The Prince Charles Hospital.

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Pedaling For Fun and For Funding

Courier Mail
March 1, 2023

Thousands of cyclists will take to the streets this Sunday for the fourth annual Australian Unity Tour de Brisbane.

The event will aim to raise funds to support transplant research through The Common Good, run by The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation. There are number of different events for all levels of cyclists, including 10km, 50km Short Ride, 80km Medium Ride, 110km Gran Fondo Long Ride and Sprint Duathlon.

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Tradie Health Institute:
Protecting the health of our nation’s tradies

Master Builder Magazine
January 2023 Edition

When you Google “cure for silicosis”, result after result will tell you there isn’t one.

But what if you didn’t settle for that answer? At The Common Good, the doctors and researchers won’t. Their team believe something can be done to create better health outcomes for our tradies and their loved ones.

(Page 36)

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Dismantling barriers of distance – World-first technology saves life of Perth woman and gives new hope to Australians waiting for a heart transplant

January 31, 2023

The success of a clinical trial using world-first heart transplant technology to keep hearts ‘alive’ for longer means that more Australians needing a lifesaving heart transplant can now receive a second chance at life.

The project led by The Prince Charles Hospital’s Critical Care Research Group (CCRG) and supported by medical research charity The Common Good, is responsible for pioneering the use of Hypothermic Ex Vivo Perfusion (HEVP) to transport donor hearts, using a solution rich in oxygen and nutrients that keeps a heart ‘alive’ and healthy outside of the body.

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Living Heart Project

10 News First (Channel 10) –
January 31, 2023

10 News First reports on The Living Heart Project discussing new world first technology that saved lives like Alex Moroianu and the possibility of many more.

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Construction industry leaders back workplace health and safety

Build Australia –
January 31, 2023

Some of Australia’s biggest companies across construction, mining and agriculture have announced a funding partnership with medical research charity The Common Good to create the Tradie Health institute.

Companies were invited to become founding partners of this world-first initiative due to their commitment to health and safety programs on their work sites.

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Living Heart Project

Sunrise (Channel 7) –
January 30, 2023

Sunrise morning presenters David Kochie and Natalie Barr discuss the impact of Living Heart Project with Professor John Fraser and heart transplant recipient Alex Moroianu.

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‘I was so pale that I was see-through’

The Australian –
January 28, 2023

Alexandra Moroianu was not sure she would make it. But an extraordinary invention, initiated by a Swedish professor and advanced by Australian doctors, changed the game of organ transplants.

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Transplanted hearts kept viable longer between donor and recipient, thanks to new technology

ABC News –
January 28, 2023

The Living Heart Project uses a new technology keeping hearts viable for longer.

Alex was one of 36 people in the first phase of the HEVP clinical trial. Alex advocates the new technology that gave her the ability to live longer.

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The Common Good Welcomes Three New Board Members

January 25, 2023

The Common Good, an initiative of The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation, is pleased to announce the new appointments of Shannon Willoughby, Corinne Mulholland, and Martin Rowen to its Board of Directors.

The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation Chair Christopher Morton welcomed the new appointments to the Board.


Grandfriends the Program –
Connecting older adults with kindy kids

A Current Affair (Channel 9) –
December 24, 2022

The Common Good helping raise donations to help older adults within The Prince Charles Hospital create a connection within the community.

While it’s obvious by the children’s chats, smiles and hugs, A Current Affair spoke to the parents to get confirmation of just how much grandparents means to their kids.

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The Prince Charles Hospital launches ‘ICU of the Future’

Hospital and Healthcare –
December 16, 2022

Intensive Care Units can be daunting places for patients and their families, with up to 75% of ICU patients globally experiencing anxiety, depression, or other physical, cognitive, or psychological problems.

The collaborative project has seen Metro North Health, the CCRG, medical research charity The Common Good, and Queensland Health — with financial support from Queensland Technology Future Fund and Queensland Motor Vehicle Accident Insurance Commission — join forces to combat design and environmental challenges that studies found may impact patient recovery.

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Interview With Professor John Fraser About ICU Of The Future

ABC Radio Brisbane –
December 14, 2022

Professor John Fraser is the founder and director of the Critical Care Research Group.

An intensive care unit. If you’ve been to one, you’d know it’s a can be a bleak place, harsh lighting, laboratory, colouring, intimidating medical equipment and of course the whole deal of coming to terms with being there in the first place.

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Prince Charles Hospital to reduce trauma for ICU patients with world-first pilot program

The Courier Mail –
December 14, 2022

A Brisbane hospital has launched a world-first redesign of its intensive care unit to improve patient outcomes.

The Prince Charles Hospital in Brisbane launches the ICU of the Future project on Wednesday with a two-bed trial in which patients will benefit from reduced noise levels, a more natural light cycle to give a clearer sense of time and enhance circadian rhythm, and increased tech connectivity with families.

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World First: ICU Of The Future Unveiled At The Prince Charles Hospital

The Common Good –
December 14, 2022

The Prince Charles Hospital’s Critical Care Research Group (CCRG) in partnership with medical research charity, The Common Good (an initiative of The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation) and Metro North Health have today unveiled the world-first project, ICU of the Future, redesigning the Intensive Care Unit environment at The Prince Charles Hospital to be more patient-centric and recovery focused.

Intensive Care Units can be daunting places for patients and their families with up to 75 per cent of ICU patients globally experiencing anxiety, depression, or other physical, cognitive, or psychological problems.

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Kids Discover Grand Old Way To Make Friends

Courier Mail –
November 30, 2022

Kindergarten students are helping to keep Brisbane’s elderly feeling young as part of a special program dubbed “Grandfriends”.

The Common Good, is running their annual Giving Day on Wednesday to raise money to continue important programs like this and others.

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Giving Day Supporting Grandfriends Programme

Channel 7 –
November 30, 2022

The life-changing ageless play programme winning the hearts of Brisbane!

It’s hard to believe that only a few months ago these children didn’t know their Grandfriends. Now they see them regularly, as this small group of older community members. The Common Good Giving Day is help fund this programme with your help.

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The Common Good – Giving Day Supporting Older Patient Projects

10 News First –
November 29, 2022

Donations matched on Giving Day for hospital playgroup

The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation – The Common Good is bringing together kindy kids and big kids at heat who would otherwise be facing a lonely road to recover and it seems the results are just what the doctor ordered.

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Thumbs Up For First Giving Day

Moreton Daily –
November 29, 2022

Caboolture Hospital is preparing for its first Giving Day tomorrow (Wednesday) to raise vital funds for medical projects and programs.

Run by medical research charity The Common Good, Giving Day will also be held at The Prince Charles Hospital (TPCH), Chermside, where it started last year. All donations – which will be doubled by The Common Good’s matched givers – go to community-focused initiatives at TPCH and Caboolture Hospital. This year’s target programs help patients’ mobility, independence and social connection during and after their stay in hospital.

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Innovative New Philanthropic Platform Asking Donors To Buy Research

Probono Australia –
October 20, 2022

At Buying Time, donors can purchase one hour of medical research for $48 and choose where they want their impact to be directed.

The immersive philanthropic platform, called Buying Time, is transforming charitable giving by enabling donors to buy one hour of medical research, which has been quantified into a monetary value of $48. They can also choose whether they want to direct this time into researching heart disease, lung disease, mental health or dementia.

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Good Time To Tee-Up For Hospital Fundraiser

Moreton Daily –
October 14, 2022

Golfers are being urged to sign-up and support Caboolture Hospital through this month’s Shine Lawyers Charity Golf Day. Registrations are open for business and organisations, with players of all abilities, to tee-up on Friday October 28 at Pacific Harbour Golf and Country Club on Bribie Island.

All proceeds raised go to The Common Good – a charity aligned with Caboolture Hospital – and the hospital’s first Giving Day in November. Shine Lawyers has a national foot print, but the golf fundraiser is being driven by its Caboolture office.

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Buying Time For The Common Good – Exclusive

The Australian –
September 22, 2022

Brisbane-based charity The Common Good has launched a new tech platform, Buying Time, that it says will offer a long-term sustainable funding path to medical research.

The philanthropic platform, launched this week, is what Common Good chief executive Michael Hornby describes as a world first, enabling charitable donors to buy research hours which are then gifted to medical researchers. Hours raised will go directly to researchers tackling issues such as heart disease and mental health.

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The Common Good, An Initiative Of The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation, Launched Buying Time

The Courier Mail –
September 16, 2022

The Common Good, an initiative of the Prince Charles Hospital Foundation, this week launched Buying Time, a digital platform that will allow donors to buy research hours.

The Common Good chief executive Michael Hornby says the platform is believed to be a world first, allowing sufferers and their loved ones to buy specific hours of research into treatments for their own afflictions.

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The Common Good Launches Pioneering Platform, Buying Time

The Common Good –
September 15, 2022

Brisbane based medical research charity The Common Good launches pioneering platform, Buying Time, to enable long term sustainable funding of life-saving medical research.

Medical research charity The Common Good (an initiative of The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation) is set to transform charitable giving in Australia with the launch of a ground-breaking new philanthropic platform, Buying Time. Charitable donors will, for the first time, be able to buy research hours, which in turn will give the gift of time to those who need it most.

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Rolls With The Hunches

The Courier Mail –
July 27, 2022

Kudos to Brisbane-based ready-made meal company Lite n’ Easy, which has donated $44,000 to dementia research through The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation’s Common Good project.

Led by geriatrician and head of research of internal medicine Dr Eamonn Eeles, the technique applies a new isotype dye that maps the brain by identifying the footprint left by nerves talking to one another.

Lite N’ Easy dietitian Ashleigh Jones says dementia is a disease close to the company’s heart, given its products can help many elderly sufferers.

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Ekka Strawberry Sundaes Return To Brisbane

The Common Good –
July 26, 2022

The iconic Strawberry Sundae return to the Ekka, funding medical discoveries with every scoop.

The iconic Ekka Strawberry Sundaes return to Brisbane for the Royal Queensland Show this August for the first time in two years as The Common Good (an initiative of The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation) serves over 120,000 ice creams in their flagship event to support medical research.

From Wednesday, August 6 to Sunday, August 14, The Common Good will serve up the delicious and iconic treats from five Ekka Strawberry Sundae stalls in the RNA Showgrounds with all the profits supporting life-changing medical research into heart disease, lung disease, mental health and dementia.

Media release

World-First Early Detection Techniques Helping Australians With Dementia Take Control

The Common Good –
July 19, 2022

A world-first early detection technique is being developed at The Prince Charles Hospital that researchers hope will identify dementia in patients years earlier, resulting in more personal and effective care.

Led by Geriatrician and Head of Research of Internal Medicine, Dr Eamonn Eeles, the technique applies a new isotope dye that makes maps the brain by identifying the footprint left by nerves talking to one another and so gives researchers, and doctors, unique information about how the brain is behaving.

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Our Juicy Tribute To A QLD Icon Returns

Stone & Wood –
July 7, 2022

Back for its third year, our strawberry and cream sour sensation – Strawberry Sundae Kisses – has returned and is bubbling away in our Brisbane Brewery, getting ready for an early August release.

Each year, proceeds from our Strawberry Sundae Kisses, sold exclusively from our Brisbane Brewery, are directed to The Common Good, the fundraising initiative of The Prince Charles Hospital in Brisbane.

For the past two years, the legends of Southeast Queensland have absolutely got behind our delicious homage, with the brew selling out both years in a matter of weeks.

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Rallying The Common Good For Caboolture Hospital

Moreton Daily –
June 21, 2022

The Common Good has officially launched its partnership with Caboolture Hospital, an appeal to raise $100,000 and announced funding for seven research projects at the hospital

The organisation has been working with Caboolture and Kilcoy Hospitals and the Woodford Corrections health service for the past three years but wanted to get some runs on the board and traverse the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic before launching its first appeal.

The appeal aims to raise $100,000 for an incubator bed for critically ill new-born babies and to refurbish the children’s play area.

The Common Good, which has worked with The Prince Charles Hospital for about 30 years, is seeking support from local businesses and community leaders across the region with every dollar going to the appeal.

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‘Humbled’ By Queen’s Honour For Decades Of Service

Moreton Daily –
June 13, 2022

Michael Hornby said he is “surprised, humbled and not quite sure how to react” after being recognised in the Queen’s Birthday Honours, which were announced last night.

The Albany Creek resident has been awarded an Order of Australia Medal (OAM) for his “service to the community through a range of roles” with charities.

Over 30 years he has launched The Smith Family in Queensland, raised millions for Surf Life Savers, started an RSPCA animal care campus and founded the Wildlife Warriors at Australia Zoo.

He now raises funds for medical research as CEO of The Common Good at Prince Charles Hospital Foundation, Chermside, “meeting people who are alive because of the small, but essential, role we play”.

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The Common Good Partner With Lite N’ Easy

Media Release –
May 16, 2022

The Common Good are proud to partner with Lite n’ Easy for second year running.

The Common Good are proud to announce Lite n’ Easy – Australia’s favourite meal delivery service – have come on board as partners for a second year running. Last year Lite n’ Easy customers raised over $44,000.

This year they hope to raise $50,000 for life-saving and life-changing medical research time that supports The Common Good’s critical research areas; lung disease, heart disease, mental health, and dementia.

Media release

Brisbane Ekka To Return In 100 Days After Two Years Of COVID Cancellations

ABC News –
April 28, 2022

The Ekka’s famous strawberry sundae, sales of which go to medical research charity The Common Good, will be available this year at the Ekka site in Bowen Hills.

The Common Good CEO Michael Hornby said the charity’s biggest focus now was to encourage volunteers to return to the Ekka and help raise funds to improve health care.

“The biggest challenge is we rely heavily on volunteers, and a lot of volunteers we haven’t seen for two years — that’s about 2,000 people,” he said.

“If you work for a business and want some team-building opportunities, there is no better way to do that than spending four hours together selling ice creams to kids.”

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Pedal Power

7News –
April 10, 2022

It’s the race that stops the river city!

Bikes replaced cars on the major arterials today, but it was for a good cause – raising money to help researchers make medical discoveries.

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A Fortnight To Live: How Close Transplant Patient Came To Dying

Courier Mail –
April 8, 2022

Everyone knows they will die one day.

But very few are told that unless someone else dies within a few weeks, then they will.

That was the shocking reality facing Brisbane double lung and heart transplant patient Kate Phillips, who was close to the end in a ward at Prince Charles Hospital until her phone rang at 1.15am.

It was the call that saved her life.

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Lowndes, Beattie Set For 500km Charity Ride –
March 25, 2022

Craig Lowndes and Daryl Beattie will undertake a 500km, single-day motorcycle ride for charity in the mountains of South East Queensland next week.

The seven-time Bathurst 1000 winner and three-time 500cc world championship race winner will be joined by members of the business community on the inaugural Ride For Good, to raise money for medical research.

It has been organised by The Common Good, an initiative of Brisbane’s Prince Charles Hospital, to generate funds for research into heart disease, lung disease, mental health, and dementia; conditions that affect over 90 percent of the community.

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Ride For Good

Media Release –
March 25, 2022

On Wednesday 30 March, motorcycle enthusiasts, including three-time Supercar Championship winner and seven-time Bathurst Champion Craig Lowndes OAM and ex-500cc MotoGP Champion Daryl Beattie, will navigate through 500 kilometres of South-East Queensland’s most beautiful terrain to raise much needed funds for medical research.

The inaugural eight-hour Ride For Good, hosted by The Common Good (an initiative of The Prince Charles Hospital), will be raising money for vital medical research into heart disease, lung disease, mental health, and dementia, conditions that affect over 90% of the community.

Media release

Osher Saddles Up For A Long Ride

Studio10 –
March 18, 2022

Australian Unity Tour De Brisbane Dollar Matching Day

4BC Radio –
March 16, 2022

Simple Saliva Test Detects Body’s Response To COVID-19

getSTEM –
February 24, 2022

A potential new saliva test can rapidly detect COVID-19 infection and may even indicate if a person is likely to become seriously unwell, research by QIMR Berghofer has shown.

The research confirms the saliva test can detect people with COVID-19 faster than a PCR test.

QIMR Berghofer Associate Professor Michelle Hill said the study offered valuable information on COVID-19 and its progression.

The research was jointly funded by QIMR Berghofer, Agilent Technologies and The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation, via The Common Good.

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Australian Device Plays Key Role In US Pig-Human Heart Transplant

Brisbane Times –
January 26, 2022

A world-first surgery in the USA has seen a pig’s heart successfully transplanted into a 57-year old patient, partly thanks to a device developed in Brisbane which can extend the preservation time of donor organs.

Dr Bartley Griffith, the lead surgeon on the transplant team, had previously collaborated with the Critical Care Research Group (CCRG) at The Prince Charles Hospital, funded in part by The Common Good.

CCRG developed a hypothermic ex-vivo perfusion (HEVP) device, which preserved the heart and kept it infused with a special solution preventing a number of complications that arise when an organ is just put on ice for transport.

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Covid Critical: How Brisbane Medicos Brought The World Together To Beat A Deadly Virus

InQueensland –
December 24, 2021

An informal network of the globe’s most brilliant medical minds has been exchanging ideas about how to best respond to the Covid-19 pandemic. All thanks to a team of Brisbane physicians, writes Cindy Wockner.

The Covid-19 Critical Care Consortium, Covid Critical, was born in Brisbane to help facilitate a global effort in the fight against the deadly and rapidly spreading virus.

From its headquarters at the Prince Charles Hospital, the consortium involves intensive care units at more than 380 hospitals around the world. It now contains a collection of 35 million pieces of data.

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Join The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation Board

2 x Non-Executive positions available

The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation is a charity which focuses on raising and distributing funds into the core areas of heart disease, lung disease, mental health, dementia and hospital innovation to help people live healthier for longer.

Through grants and public donations, The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation backs incredible researchers that are dedicated to making medical breakthroughs. The research we fund is focused on real outcomes and real impacts, taking medical discoveries from lab bench to bedsides. Every $48 that is donated means that researchers can continue working towards these breakthroughs.

The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation is a statutory authority and opportunities exist for two new Non-Executive Directors to join the Board.

Learn more

COVID Critical Virus Study Collects ICU Insights From Around The Globe

7News Brisbane –
December 11, 2021

A dedicated team at Brisbane’s Prince Charles Hospital has collected COVID health data on critically ill patients across the globe.

The information will be used as Queensland borders open as well as assisting patients around the globe.

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Missed Out Last Time? A Limited-Edition Run Of Ekka Strawberry Ice-Cream Is Coming! –
December 2, 2021

A limited-edition run of five-litre tubs of the Ekka’s iconic strawberry ice-cream will be available for purchase in time for Christmas.

The tubs are remaining stock after the Ekka was cancelled at the 11th hour this year, due to a COVID-19 outbreak.

The Common Good CEO Michael Hornby told Sofie Formica this run will be “the first and probably last time this will be available”.

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Ekka Leftovers Taste Berry Nice

The Courier Mail –
December 2, 2021

Doctors Show Washing Out The Lungs Of Silicosis Patients Halts Disease

Brisbane Times –
February 28, 2021

Doctors at a Brisbane hospital are washing out the lungs of silicosis patients in an effort to stop the debilitating condition.

The procedure, being performed at Brisbane’s Prince Charles Hospital, is called a lung lavage, with the patient’s lungs rinsed out with warm salt water.

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Aussie Researchers Develop World-First Treatment For Deadly Lung Disease Killing Tradies

7News –
November 11, 2021

Researchers have found a potential world-first treatment for a deadly lung disease that has killed hundreds of tradies across the country.

Called silicosis, the condition is caused by the inhalation of silica dust, mainly from the cutting of manufactured stone, and was thought to be incurable.

But this year four tradies with mild silicosis appear to have recovered after undergoing a whole lung lavage or “lung washout” as part of a trial at The Prince Charles Hospital (TPCH) in Brisbane.

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