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Back innovative medical research

Join a team of researchers, volunteers, and everyday people all working together to find a breakthrough.
You'll be notified when the time you donate is being used, and be kept in the loop with the research you’re supporting.

Using the power of us all we can sustainably fund the innovation and medical discoveries that improve and save lives.

  • Let's attack

    Heart Disease

    Back innovations to fight the most common chronic illness.

  • Help Fight

    Lung Disease

    Breathe life into discoveries that could overcome lung cancer, cystic fibrosis, and other lung diseases.


    Gut Disease

    Support one of the most exciting areas of health innovation into gut health.

  • Help fight


    Back smart innovations to stop dementia and to protect memories.

  • Support innovative

    Hospital Care

    Improve the care and treatment of patients to reduce hospital visits and improve experiences.

  • Help support

    Mental Health

    Supply the lifeblood of support for research into arthritis and other bone and joint diseases.

Get Involved

  • Create Your Own Fundraiser

    Acting locally is a powerful way to create change! Get your team together and raise money for medical research, discoveries and innovation.

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  • Volunteering

    Join us to volunteer and make a difference on the ground. We're always looking for new faces in our volunteer teams.

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  • Gifts in Will

    Leave a legacy of kindness. Adding a gift in your will is a beautiful way to give back to the community.

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  • Workplace Giving

    It’s good to give, and it’s even better to give to something you care about where you can see the benefits of your generosity.

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  • Research Support Partnerships

    Partnering with The Common Good means your organisation is making a powerful difference to the community.

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  • Raffle

    With a 1 in 34 chance of winning a prize while supporting The Common Good, giving has never been so rewarding!

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