Alumni for
The Common Good

We believe the hard work of researchers deserves recognition and celebration. That’s why we launched The Alumni for The Common Good in 2019.

The Alumni for The Common Good is an opportunity for researchers to stay connected, share stories, research outcomes and to collaborate. All of the work researchers do has lasting impacts, whether it has led to improved patient outcomes or increased our understanding of biological pathways enabling earlier detection and new treatments. Lasting impacts are important, but so are lasting connections in a successful research career.


The Alumni are researchers who have successfully completed and acquitted a grant, scholarship or project funded by The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation (TPCHF); or have significantly contributed to TPCHF research projects.

Membership is by invitation only.


Alumni members are awarded with a special pin that can be worn to signify your connection to research with TPCHF. Other benefits include:

Sometimes our Alumni appear in The Common Good Newsletter. Read the most recent newsletter to keep up to date.

Alumni members

A/Prof David Reid

A/ Prof Kieran Shekar

A/ Prof Lin Fung

A/Prof Peter Hopkins

A/Prof Peter Molenear

A/Prof Petrea Cornwell

A/Prof Rayleen Bowman

Abella Murray

Alice Boone

Amanda Corley

Amanda Love

Andrew Hislop

Angela Matson

Brielle Parris

Clayton Semenzin

Donna Hickling

Dr Alexander Dashwood

Dr Alexis Perros

Dr Andrew Battle

Dr Andrew Burke

Dr Andrew Stephens

Dr Anna-Liisa Sutt

Dr Annalicia Vaughan

Dr Annette Dent

Dr Antony McNamee

Dr Bajee Krishna Sriram

Dr Bernd Ploderer

Dr Brendan O’Sullivan

Dr Charles McDonald

Dr Cheng He

Dr Christopher Raffel

Dr Daniel Smith

Dr Eamonn Eeles

Dr Eric Wu

Dr Felicia Goh

Dr Fran Kinnear

Dr George Tay

Dr Glenn Stewart

Dr Hoi Houng (Chris) Chan

Dr Indira Prasadam

Dr Ivan Rapchuk

Dr Jack Bell

Dr Jacky Suen

Dr James Walsh

Dr Jiaqiu Wang

Dr Jo Pauls

Dr Jonathon Fanning

Dr Josephine Lovegrove

Dr Karin Wildi

Dr Katrina Hopcraft

Dr Kay Ramsay

Kieran Hyslop

Dr Kristine Estensen

Dr Lisa Stanton

Dr Louise See Hoe

Dr Mahinda Vilathgamuwa

Dr Mahesh Ramanan

Dr Maria Nataatmadja

Dr Melanie Spratt

Dr Michael Stevens

Dr Michelle Tsui

Dr Monica Ng

Dr Natalie Kelly

Dr Nicole Bartinowski

Dr Petra Lawrence

Dr Rebecca Stockwell

Dr Sam Liao

Dr Samantha Livingstone

Dr Shaun Gregory

Dr Silver Heinsar

Dr Simon Apte

Dr Stephanie Yerkovich

Dr Tenelle Hodson

Dr Timothy Sladden

Dr Usha Gurunathan

Dr Viviana Lutzky

Dr Weilan Mo

Eleonore Bolle

Eloise Shaw

Fergal Temple

Gabriela Simonova

Hannah O’Farrell

Janet Shaw

Janice Reid

Jemima Boyd

Jenna Stonestreet

Kristy Garrick

Leah Thompson

Leigh Couch

Lisa Franks

Margaret Passmore

Maria Martins

Matthew Linnane

Maxine Tan

Mr Edward Stephens

Mr Michael Savage

Ms Alita Rushton

Prof Daniel Chambers

Prof Geoff Tansley

Prof Gregory Scalia

Prof Ian Yang

Prof John Croese

Prof John Fraser

Prof Kwun Fong

Prof Malcom West

Prof Norman Morris

Prof Paul Fulbrook

Prof Ross Crawford

Prof Scott Bell

Prof Yin Xiao

Raymond Ho

Rebecca Ferrier

Rebecca Kelly

Rebecca Taylor

Rylan Hayes

Talvin Lee

Taressa Bull

Tian Mun (Kelly) Chee

Vainess Mbuzi

Wendy Strugnell