EKKA Strawberry Sundaes

Serve up some iconic Strawberry Sundaes for life-saving medical research!

Over the last 34 years, The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation (now known as The Common Good) has been the proud custodian of the iconic Ekka Strawberry Sundaes.

Every year over 2,000 volunteers help power these stalls and serve over 100,000 sundaes across the 9 days. That’s an incredible amount of scooping, chopping and topping!

It's not just a treat! Every Strawberry Sundae sold helps to fund life-changing medical research for The Common Good.


We're seeking passionate and energetic individual and corporate volunteers to help create these iconic Strawberry Sundaes whilst feeling good about enabling medical research.

The Ekka is our biggest volunteering event of the year, and we need all hands on deck! There’s three shift times available (morning, afternoon and evening) and we would love if you could spare 5 hours to bring one of Brisbane’s most iconic, delicious and life-saving ice-cream treats to Ekka 2022!

There are lots of different volunteer roles available including:


Super Scooper

Making iconic Strawberry Sundaes including scooping ice-cream; chopping strawberries; topping and serving; cleaning and stocking.



Serving customers at the tills, taking their order; handling payments; providing customers with drink orders prior to collecting their sundae; and assisting with strawberry and sundae preparation.


Gate Keeper

Checking in fellow volunteers at the designated check in entry gates - checking ID; signing volunteers in; handing them their entry tickets and sundae voucher; and assisting with administrative tasks

it’s been two years since the last Ekka, so don't miss this amazing opportunity to have a great day out and help power medical research (one ice cream at a time!). To make the day even sweeter, all our volunteers also receive free entry to check out the Ekka before and/or after their shift.

Ready to join an amazing team of superstar volunteers at the 2022 Ekka Strawberry Sundae Stalls? Submit your EOI today!

Volunteering FAQs

  • Want to join our team of Super Scoopers? That's great! You can sign up to our Volunteer Portal here: In our Volunteer Portal, you will be able to pick from all of our different volunteer roles at Ekka, and select the perfect Super Scooper shift for you. Remember, if you have any problems you can email us at

  • Of course! Each of you can sign up to our Volunteer Portal, and pick the same shift and stall to volunteer together. If someone accidentally picked the wrong shift or stall, don't worry! Send us an email at and we will update your shift to make sure you are all volunteering together.

  • If you have a Corporate or Business team, you can register for our Strawberry Sundae stalls here: We will then assist you in finding the perfect Super Scooper shift to fit within your team's availability and Corporate Volunteer requirements. Corporate volunteering is an amazing way to give back to the community, and enjoy an awesome day out together as a team. If you would like more information about our Strawberry Sundae Corporate Volunteering experience, you can read our information sheet here:

  • In the Volunteer Portal, you will see the section "Ekka Strawberry Sundae stalls" listed on the left side of the webpage (you'll need to tap the 3 lines on the left first if you are on a mobile!). Click that heading to see all our volunteering roles at the Ekka. Pick the role you would like to volunteer for and click "Apply Now". You will see all the available shifts for that role, and can pick the one you like best. Hit "select" to pick the shift, and fill in the form to complete shift sign up! (If you want to know a little more about the role first, click "View Role" to see the role description!).

  • Don't worry, it's super easy! If you have just applied for your shift, find it again in the available shift list in your selected role. It will say "Applied". Click "Applied" and pick "Withdraw" from the options that show. You can now pick the right shift! If you have already finished your training, you will see your shift in the "Upcoming Shifts" list on you Volunteer Dashboard. Click the arrow on the right-hand side of the shift, and select "Withdraw". You have now been withdrawn from this shift, and are free to select another!

  • Each of our volunteer roles include training specific to the job they are doing at the Ekka. For example, we teach all our Super Scoopers how to make the perfect Strawberry Sundae (a trick you can recreate to really show-off to your family and friends!). This training takes between 5 - 10 minutes, and usually includes a short video and a few quick questions. All of our training is online, and can be done completely within our Volunteer Portal. We ask all our volunteers that they try to do their training within a week of signing up to their volunteering shift. Volunteers who do not complete their training may miss out on the shift they have picked, as some shifts are very popular and fill up quickly! If you have any trouble with your training, we are here to help! You can call us on 1800 501 269 between 9am-4pm, or email us anytime at

  • We are so delighted to see our iconic Strawberry Sundaes returning to the Ekka this year. As you will be able to buy this yummy ice cream treat at Ekka we are not doing DIY packs for home or businesses this year. We would like to thank all of those who supported our Strawberry Sundae initiatives last year. We were so grateful to the people of Brisbane getting behind The Common Good, to raise funds for medical research. We hope to serve you a Strawberry Sundae at the Ekka this year.

  • No, the sale of Strawberry Sundaes is not permitted. The Strawberry Sundae is a licenced product and can only be sold at the Ekka. This iconic product that has been sold for over 30 years with all products supporting The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation.

  • For safety reasons, individuals must be 18 or older to volunteer at our Ekka Strawberry Sundae stalls. If you are between the ages of 16 - 18, you can also volunteer, but will need a guardian to volunteer with you. When you register, you will be asked to provide their name and email so we can send them a special invitation to volunteer with you. You will need to select the same shift and stall so you can volunteer together.

  • Students between the age of 16 - 18 are able to volunteer, but will need a guardian to supervise them. We recommend a ratio of 1 supervisor to 2 students. Our Strawberry Sundae stalls can get a bit busy during peak times, so we recommend that student volunteers have some experience in food service or other face-paced environments.

  • Our registrations to volunteer close Monday July 25, 2022; so make sure to register before hand.

  • Fantastic! You can volunteer for a maximum of 3 shifts on separate dates. Simply log into your Volunteer Portal and select the shifts you would like to volunteer for. Please note, if you have already received your training you will need to complete this before you can select additional shifts.

  • Volunteering together is easy! Just make sure to all select the same shift, date and stall when registering. Make sure when selecting the shift that there is enough space for you all. If there is not you will need to choose another shift.

  • To select a shift, we will first need to allocate one to your team. You can provide your shift preferences by emailing us at or by completing the Shift Preference Form in the Volunteer Portal.

  • Each team member is required to register individually. This ensures they agree to the volunteering terms and conditions, completes the training module and provides us with important information, such as emergency contact and contact information. A team member CANNOT enter the Ekka without prior registration.

  • We respect that sometimes it takes time to get everyone in the office organised. In order to be fair to our teams and the general public we will hold your promised spots until Friday, 15 July 2022. On this date the unfulfilled shifts will be released for the general public to fill.

Come join the team!

Want to be part of something #iconic? Maybe you always dreamed of buying an ice cream van, spreading joy and serving ice cream to the city of Brisbane? Well here’s your chance!

The Ekka Strawberry Sundaes stalls are back after a 2-year hiatus, and The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation is looking for 2 Event Duty Managers to take ownership of the iconic event which is the Ekka Strawberry Sundaes.  

The Common Good has a number of paid roles available as part of the Ekka Strawberry Sundae event! Applications are open for the following roles:

Stall Scoop-ervisor

As a Stall Scooper-visor, you will manage a team of awesome volunteers whilst also ensuring all stall procedures (including health and safety procedures, stock management, till management, and food safety) are being adhered to. 

We’ve got over 120,000 Ekka Strawberry Sundaes to scoop so we’re on the lookout for some level-headed peeps with high energy, who can think on their feet in a fast-paced environment and really take ownership of their stall.

Logistics Manager

As the Logistics Manager, you will be responsible for the movement, record keeping and management of all stock. You’re the type of person at home who always makes sure there’s enough milk in the fridge if you know what we mean. 

We’ve got over 120,000 Ekka Strawberry Sundaes to scoop so that’s a lot of cones, ice cream, strawberry and cream that need to be counted and delivered to stalls each morning!  

Event Duty Manager (Filled)

Reporting to the General Manager of Marketing, the Event Duty Manager will be responsible for the logistics, operations and management, and the end-to-end delivery of this event. This includes stock management, people management, process management, cash handling, and customer experience. 

The ideal candidate will be an experienced event or hospitality guru, with strong leadership and organisational skills.

Event Coordinator (Filled)

Charge your Fitbit, because as an Event Coordinator, you will be roaming between our five Ekka Strawberry Sundae stalls to support the Stall Supervisors in their operational roles.

You will be responsible for ensuring a safe working environment for all staff and volunteers, managing till operations and clearances and supporting our crew of Stall Supervisors to ensure that each stall is running in a productive manner. 


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