History of the Strawberry Sundae at the Ekka

The cold winds and the sun beaming in the middle of winter only means one thing; Ekka is around the corner.

Amazing rides, endless showbag options and most importantly the famous Ekka Strawberry Sundae. A trip to the Ekka isn’t complete without that delicious ice cream treat.

How the Strawberry Sundae started

The Strawberry Sundae was introduced to the Ekka in the 1950s. Ice cream company, Peter’s Ice Cream, decided to trial adding locally sourced fresh strawberries to their strawberry ice cream with a dollop of cream on top, served in a waffle cone. It was an instant hit and has remained an icon of the Ekka ever since.

The Common Good partnership

In the late 1980s the Common Good became the official charitable organisation for the Strawberry Sundaes, with all profits going towards medical research at The Prince Charles Hospital.

An ice cream revamp

In 2011, the iconic treat underwent some revamping with the help of the current local ice cream supplier Lick! Lick devised a premium, limited edition strawberry ice cream, just for the EKKA, showcasing fresh, local ingredients.


The sweetest membership ever

The success of the Ekka Strawberry Sundae would be obsolete without the thousands of volunteers who offer their time up every year. Each year, over 2,000 volunteers give up their time to scoop over 100,000 sundaes across 9 days, to help power life-changing medical research.

How buying a Strawberry Sundae changes Lives.

Every dollar raised through the sale of these iconic ice creams powers thousands of hours of medical research. The profits from the Strawberry Sundaes contributes to innovations in four key research areas, heart disease, lung disease, mental health and dementia.

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Published: Thursday, July 14 2022

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