Corporate Volunteering Opportunities in Brisbane

If you are looking for meaningful ways for your business to do more for the community, we have several fun and fulfilling corporate volunteering opportunities in Brisbane each year.  

Benefits of Corporate Volunteering

Businesses are always looking for things outside of the ordinary to engage employees and create fun and inspiring workplaces that build a sense of pride. There are various benefits for your individual employees and team as a whole when they participate in corporate volunteering.

  • Helps employees break out of their comfort zone and can help to increase confidence and self-esteem
  • Strengthens bonds between employees in the same team and boosts interdepartmental relationships 
  • Provides an opportunity to learn new skills, or your team provide skilled support for a good cause
  • Boosts employee satisfaction and improves workplace culture
  • Engages staff and offers a sense of purpose

When your team takes time out of their day to help at events for The Common Good, they are part of something truly special – a collective of people coming together to help people live healthier for longer. 

The researchers we support strive to make medical breakthroughs that improve lives and, in some cases, save lives. However, for them to succeed, they need funding, yet that funding isn’t always easy to come by.

This is where you and your team can help. At The Common Good, our fundraising efforts, like the Ekka Strawberry Sundaes, Giving Day and the Tour de Brisbane, allow us to provide sustainable research funding to those working hard to change the prognosis for people suffering from chronic conditions.

By your team donating their time to The Common Good, you are giving our researchers more time to make discoveries that could go on to benefit people you know and love.  

DID YOU KNOW The Common Good operates the iconic strawberry sundae stalls at the Ekka each year? We need over 2,000 volunteers to join us on the scoops to make the event a success and it’s become one of the most popular corporate volunteering experiences in Brisbane!

Would you and your team love to serve up scrumptious Strawberry Sundaes to Ekka showgoers in August? We are currently seeking expressions of interest for our corporate volunteers.

What our Corporate Volunteering Teams say

The corporate volunteering experience is fun-filled and fulfilling for everyone. But don’t take our word for it - here’s what some of our past corporate volunteers have said:

“Ekka volunteering was an incredible way for our team to come together and give back to the community. It was a really fun way to build teamwork outside of the office,” said Catherine from Channel 10.

“Our team thoroughly enjoyed the Ekka volunteering - a sense of nostalgia for many - and a great way to bring our team together, have some fun and give back to not just a great cause, but the city of Brisbane,” said Emma from Vicinity Centres.


How Our Corporate Volunteering Program in Brisbane Works

It’s easy to sign your team up for a volunteering shift (or a few!).

  • Click on the word ‘Volunteer’ on the menu of our website www.thecommongood.org.au   
  • Once on the volunteer page, scroll down to the corporate volunteering section
  • Click ‘Start volunteering’
  • You will then be directed to a form where you will be able to fill out your details and select which type of volunteering opportunity you’d like to take part in
  • Once we’ve received your submission, one of our volunteer/event coordinators will be in touch with opportunities

Have any questions about corporate volunteering and our upcoming opportunities in Brisbane? Please call our friendly team on 1800 501 269 or email them info@thecommongood.org.au

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