Celebrating National Volunteer Week 2022

National Volunteer Week (NVW) is Australia’s annual celebration of volunteering, with this year’s theme being Better Together.

National Volunteer Week is an opportunity for The Common Good to celebrate the vital work of our amazing volunteers. From our Charlie’s Angels who make an amazing difference to patients, visitors and staff at The Prince Charles Hospital to those who volunteer at our fundraising events like the Australian Unity Tour de Brisbane, Giving Day and of course our Ekka Strawberry Sundae stalls.  

The enormous benefit that volunteers bring to The Common Good is obvious, but what is not always recognised is how valuable volunteering can be for the individual or corporation. For many people, volunteering is a way of giving back to their community or helping a cause that is close to their heart. Some of our Charlie’s Angels have been former patients at The Prince Charles Hospital. They volunteer their time to support the hospital and staff that provided them with such wonderful care.

In addition to the satisfaction of giving back, volunteering can provide people with other great advantages. Volunteering is a fantastic way to meet new people and to start new friendships. It can also provide people with access to new events and experiences. Our Ekka Strawberry Sundae volunteers, for example, get free entry to the EKKA, something they otherwise might not have attended.

For those who are looking to enter the workforce, volunteering can be a great way to gain work experience and demonstrate to future employers desirable traits and values. For corporations, volunteering can provide an excellent team building opportunity. When employees come together outside of the traditional work environment to volunteer, it can build a sense of community and camaraderie.

To celebrate the importance of National Volunteer Week we asked some of our volunteers at The Common Good to share with us what their volunteering role involves and why they love volunteering.

Volunteer Board Members

Toby Innes, Board Member

I have sat on the Board of The Common Good (an initiative of The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation) as a Director for nearly 13 years. I was originally approached to provide some initial assistance and insights, but once I understood what The Common Good was about, I wanted to make a bigger commitment. That’s when the opportunity arose for me to join the Board. Alongside my fellow Board Directors (who are also volunteers), I contribute my time, skills and network to provide The Common Good with translational business skills, to help them grow and evolve.

There are so many benefits to volunteering, including exploring a different side of business and learning new things. Medical research and science are very different to my day-to-day work so it’s incredibly refreshing to get involved in a different industry and with a different mix of people.

During my time with The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with researchers and clinicians supported by The Common Good, as well as patients who have benefitted from their medical discoveries.

Knowing that my efforts and contributions are helping researchers find a better pathway to a cure and are improving health outcomes is really rewarding. It’s all about helping people live healthier for longer and I feel very proud to be helping create a legacy for the future.

Event & Ekka Volunteers

Jonathan, Strawberry Sundae stall volunteer (corporate team)

I was thrilled to help raise well needed funds, to support The Common Good, at the Ekka Strawberry Sundae stand the past few years. Not only is it a fun experience, the proceeds raised from the EKKA Strawberry Sundaes go towards medical research tackling the chronic diseases facing 90% of all Australians.

Volunteering has allowed me to provide my support and give back to such a wonderful foundation who do so much for the community. Everyone loves the iconic Ekka Strawberry Sundaes, and I’ll be looking forward to volunteering again in 2022.

Kelly, Strawberry Sundae stall volunteer

I am in my fourth year of volunteering for The Common Good at the Ekka Strawberry Sundae stalls. I am a scout leader and I also bring along my scouts to the Ekka as volunteering gives them a sense of service.

I volunteer as it provides a sense of purpose, of giving something good back to my community. I am a nurse myself so I know that the funds raised for The Common Good go to a good cause, to medical research.

Charlie's Angels Volunteers

Janette, Charlie's Angel

What does your role involve?

My volunteer role involves greeting patients and visitors to the Specialist Outpatients area, giving them directions, answering any questions they may have and generally trying to make them feel at ease during what can be a stressful time. I also volunteer in the Children's Fracture Clinic, performing a similar role.

What do you enjoy about volunteering?

I enjoy being an Angel because after working at the hospital for 22 years I wanted to stay connected and to give back, to see if I could make a difference in someone's day. The satisfaction I receive from helping patients and staff is enormous, and when I receive a smile or a word of thanks, I know it's worthwhile.

Joy, Charlie's Angel

What does your role involve?

I have volunteered for 17 years in different roles within Charlie's Angels. At the introduction of the concierge desk, some years ago, I commenced there and have worked there ever since.
My role is to welcome people, with a smile, coming in the entrance, putting them at ease and helping them to get to their various appointments. I also assist staff at the front desk when needed.

What do you enjoy about volunteering?

On retirement, looking for something fulfilling to do with my spare time, my daughter, a Clinical Nurse at The Prince Charles Hospital, suggested becoming a Charlie’s Angel would be the perfect role to suit me.

After all these years I still look forward to working Thursdays and when I finish, the satisfaction that I have helped patients and hopefully made their visit to the hospital a little less daunting, especially for those ‘’out of town’’ and unfamiliar with the place.

Yolanda, Charlie's Angel

What does your role involve?

My volunteer work includes performing administrative tasks ie: data entries, setting up new volunteers and removing retired Charlie’s Angels from the system and any other tasks that are required at the time.

What do you enjoy about volunteering?

I enjoy being a volunteer as it gives me a chance to give something back to society. Volunteering also provides physical and mental rewards, it helps reduce stress and I think makes one healthier. By volunteering, I hope that I can help make a difference.

Thank you again to our wonderful volunteers for being part of the movement for the common good!

Thank you again to our wonderful volunteers for being part of the movement for the common good!

Become a volunteer for The Common Good

Would you like to become part of our amazing team of superstar volunteers? Explore our upcoming volunteering opportunities for individuals, corporates, and The Prince Charles Hospital’s Charlie’s Angels.

We are currently recruiting passionate and energetic volunteers for this year’s iconic EKKA Strawberry Sundae stalls! We require over 2,000 volunteers to help power these stalls and serve over 120,000 sundaes across the 9 days. Not only will you receive free entry to the Ekka, but you’ll also enjoy a free Ekka Strawberry Sundae – sounds like a pretty ‘sweet’ deal!


Published: Monday, May 16 2022

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