The Guide to Making the Perfect Strawberry Sundae

The Ekka is not complete without the iconic Strawberry Sundae everyone has come to know and love.

The simple recipe calls for six simple layers of fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The combination of the sweet vanilla and strawberry ice-cream topped with cream and strawberries have become a staple purchase when attending the Ekka. So how exactly is the prefect Strawberry Sundae made?

Official Ekka Strawberry Ice cream

Local ice cream maker, Lick! Ice Cream are the official ice cream supplier for the Strawberry Sundaes. The strawberry ice cream used in the sundaes is limited edition, only made for Ekka time! The ice cream is hand crafted with the freshest, full cream and real strawberries.

Locally grown sweet strawberries

Our sweet strawberries are sourced from the Queensland Strawberry Growers Association, to ensure they are locally sourced and super fresh. The most perfectly shaped strawberries are reserved for the very top of your sundae. The others are diced into small pieces to fit inside your cone.

Crispy sundae cones

The cones for the Strawberry Sundae have a wonderful crispy texture. Their unique shape allows the vanilla ice cream and fresh, chopped strawberries to be contained.

Assembling the Strawberry Sundae


  1. When assembling the delicious Strawberry Sundae, the first ingredient is a scoop of vanilla ice-cream
  2. Following the vanilla ice cream, a scoop of the diced strawberries
  3. Sitting on top is a generous scoop of the limited-edition strawberry ice-cream
  4. A little cream rosette is piped onto the strawberry ice-cream
  5. Finally one of those perfect strawberries tops it off.

The iconic Strawberry Sundae we all know and love is ready to be served and enjoyed!

Read more about the nostalgia of Strawberry Sundaes. 

Remember the profits from every Strawberry Sundae's sold at The Common’s Good’s stalls at the Ekka funds medical research at The Prince Charles Hospital.

Want to get involved? Volunteering opportunities are now open!

Published: Wednesday, June 22 2022

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