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Vintage Reds assisting Queenslanders to Age Well

Queensland Rugby Union Legends have pledged to raise vital funds to support lifesaving medical research so people at risk can live better for longer.

Eight members of the Vintage Reds - including legends Tony Shaw, Dan Crowley, Bill Ross and Roger Gould - have announced a partnership with The Common Good, an initiative of The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation, to help inspire public support of major health projects tackling heart disease, dementia, lung disease and mental health.

“We are challenging ourselves to engage with our networks to help sponsor almost 12,000 hours of medical research. After all most of us are either affected by one of these conditions or know someone who is,” said Vintage Reds CEO Bill Ross.

This time, valued at just $44 per hour, will take $500,000 to fund.

One of the most pressing research projects is around occupational lung disease, affecting tradespeople across construction, mining and agriculture. Through the support of The Common Good, medical teams at The Prince Charles Hospital are leading the way in developing treatments to save the lives of young tradespeople.

“We’ve had the privilege of playing for our state, and while we no longer pull on the red jumper, we believe we can make an even bigger contribution to our fellow Queenslanders,” said Mr Ross.

Michael Hornby, CEO of The Common Good, said that this partnership could be a game changer for the Foundation.

“The time funded by the Vintage Reds will be crucial in helping to improve the outcomes for recipients of heart and lung transplants, to support the early detection of dementia and contribute to the development of treatments to save the lives of tradespeople all over Queensland. The Vintage Reds also bring with them that will to win – a drive the fits well with our researchers who are dedicating their lives to save others.”

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