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In response to the Ekka’s cancellation this year, independent brewery Stone & Wood has joined the tradition of fundraising for The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation by brewing a strawberries and cream beer inspired by the Ekka’s iconic strawberry sundae.

In partnership with The Common Good, a fundraising initiative of The Prince Charles Hospital that generates funds for critical health research, Stone & Wood will release its ‘Strawberry Sundae Kisses’ beer – a strawberries and cream sour – at its Fortitude Valley brewery on Wednesday 12 August, the original date for the Brisbane Show Day.

Concerned that the Ekka’s cancellation would impact The Common Good’s fundraising efforts for The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation, Stone & Wood Brisbane head brewer Mick Barnes decided to put his skills to use.

“When the physical Ekka show was cancelled, we kept thinking of the delicious strawberry sundaes and all the money they raise for the Foundation,” Mick said. “Then we said to ourselves, well, we can’t exactly make ice-cream – but what about beer?”

Proceeds from all ‘Strawberry Sundae Kisses’ and beer ice-cream floats sold at Stone & Wood’s Brisbane brewery between Wednesday 12 and Sunday 16 August will be directed to The Common Good, to help fund health research with The Prince Charles Hospital.

Mick will be adding 60kg of fresh Queensland strawberries to the beer on Wednesday 29 July at Stone & Wood’s Brisbane brewery in Fortitude Valley, with help from The Common Good CEO Michael Hornby and members of the foundation’s health research team.

Hornby said that Stone and Wood coming on board to support The Common Good in their own unique, innovative way is hugely appreciated.

“The Ekka Strawberry Sundae is a Queensland icon and has been a key fundraiser for The Common Good for the last 33 years,” said Hornby.

“With Ekka cancelled, we’ve had to completely change the way we go about the program, so having an amazing effort like this special brew from Stone and Wood is fantastic for us, and will make a genuine contribution to life-changing medical research. Thank you to Mick and the team at Stone and Wood. I can’t wait to try it!”  

Stone & Wood Brisbane team and their resident kitchen team William Wallace will also support fundraising for The Common Good by operating as an official location to purchase DIY Ekka Strawberry Sundaes between Wednesday 12 and Sunday 16 August.

The ‘Strawberry Sundae Kisses’ is based on the traditional Berliner Weisse beer style, brewed with fresh strawberries, lactose and vanilla added during fermentation for a creamy, delectable beer with hints of Ekka strawberry sundaes.

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