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Meet Michael: Proud member of The Common Good

Michael’s connection with The Prince Charles Hospital is a personal one that began many decades ago. His mother worked at the hospital for 23 years, so after he retired, Michael wanted to give back to the hospital where his mother had many fond memories.

At first, Michael volunteered as a beloved Charlie’s Angel. After five years of generously donating his time to that invaluable service, he heard about The Common Good and began contributing to support and facilitate the work of incredible researchers. Now, more than ten years on, his commitment to helping the hospital and supporting life-changing medical research is just as strong.

“I think it’s vital. If we don’t have research, people can’t cure diseases or medical afflictions. It’s a continuing process for doctors and researchers to keep learning, and it can’t occur without money and funding.”

Through the power of the collective, there can be a significant difference made for many. Michael agrees every little bit counts.

“I just thought a little bit of money might help towards the whole pool of money. I feel connected; I feel like I’m not thinking about myself; I’m just making my little contribution to help.”

Michael has always valued the importance of good health, but sadly, he knows many people impacted by chronic and debilitating health issues – including dementia, delirium, and falls.

“I’ve just seen from personal experience how it affects them and when you’re out there and see it, it brings it home to you that all these diseases and conditions need research to make breakthroughs and improve lives.”

One ground-breaking project recently realised, thanks in part to the support of our donors, was the ICU of the Future. “I was quite amazed when I saw it… it’s so incredible,” Michael said.

The Common Good would like to thank Michael for his thoughtful contributions and ongoing support. His generosity, and that of our other donors, give hours to our researchers who rely on that time to make medical breakthroughs that go on to save lives.

You can help continue life-changing medical research. Make a donation today.

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