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Freedom from coeliac disease

Most of us don’t think twice about eating a piece of toast in the morning, however for 1 in 70 Australians with coeliac disease this is simply not an option. But that may change and give those the freedom to enjoy a better quality of life. Not long ago you supported breakthrough research to fight coeliac disease utilising hookworms – that’s right, a parasite may be the key to helping coeliac patients live a normal life.

Researchers Dr John Croese and Dr Paul Giacomin are hoping to develop a drug with the help of these worms, who they believe secrete an anti-inflammatory protein. 

We were excited to announce that with the help of our donors, researchers Dr John Croese and Dr Paul Giacomin secured more than $300,000 worth of funding from the Queensland Government to study and trial this treatment and research its potential benefits for coeliac sufferers.

Initial treatment trials have shown promising results, with previously gluten-intolerant patients being able to eat a small bowl of pasta without any adverse effects. The researchers are studying how to mimic the gluten-tolerating effects of the unusual treatment in order to create a pill-based medication.

If successful, this fascinating research will change the lives of millions of coeliac patients worldwide. We’ll keep you updated with the progress.

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