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Kedron Wavell Services Club hosts Charlie’s Angels’ annual end of year lunch

Our amazing volunteers at The Prince Charles Hospital are affectionately known as Charlie’s Angels. Our Charlie’s Angels work in nearly 30 different areas of the hospital – greeting and assisting patients and visitors when they arrive and assisting patients in a range of wards and units. They also provide important administration support for staff at the hospital and The Common Good.

On December 15th 2021, the Kedron-Wavell Services Club supported the Charlie’s Angels’ annual end of year lunch for 75 Angels. As our Charlie’s Angels only gather as a team twice a year, the lunch provides a special time for team members to connect and to thank our Angels for the difference they made over the year.

Michael Hornby, The Common Good CEO, Tami Photinos, The Prince Charles Hospital Executive Director, and Karen Leighton, The Prince Charles Hospital Facility Services Director attended the lunch to thank our Charlie’s Angels. The dignitaries spoke of both the immediate and longer term impact that our Angels make. The assistance the Angels provide to patients, visitors and staff can, for example, translate into donations from supporters to fund medical research and hospital innovation.


Noel receiving his 15 year Service Award


Volunteer Coordinator Maree presenting at the annual End of Year Lunch


Marg volunteering in The Common Good office

The end of year lunch also included our annual Service Awards presentations. Service Awards are presented for every five years of service and are tokens of appreciation for the commitment of our Angels. Eight of the nine Service Award recipients this year have been part of our team for an amazing fifteen years!

Our current Charlie’s Angels have nearly 595 years of service between them. Our longest-serving Charlie’s Angel is Dollma who joined our team in January 1994, so this is her 28th year wearing the famous yellow shirt! On Friday mornings Dollma can be found in ICU looking after patient visitors. Our newest Charlie’s Angel is Helen who joined our team in November 2021 and spends Monday afternoons providing administration support in The Common Good office.

Overall our Charlie’s Angels contribute more than 650 hours of their time each week which equates to over 31,000 hours each year. What a truly amazing effort and what a difference our Angels make to the lives of patients, visitors and staff at The Prince Charles Hospital.

Thank you to Kedron Wavell Services Club for their ongoing support.


We would like to thank the Kedron-Wavell Services Club for their ongoing support of the Charlie’s Angels.

If you would like to don the famous yellow shirt and become a Charlie’s Angel, register your interest to volunteer.

Published: Friday, January 4 2022

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