Charity Fundraising Ideas

If you’re hoping to raise funds to help incredible researchers make breakthroughs in the areas of dementia, mental health, heart disease and lung disease, then we thank you for your support.

To assist with your fundraising journey and to inspire your charitable endeavours, the team at The Common Good has collated a handy list of charity fundraising ideas.

Before you begin brainstorming your fundraiser though it will be worthwhile reading through the fundraising checklist, so you’ve got an idea about what to expect during the planning and fundraising process.

Fundraiser Checklist: How to Plan a Fundraiser  

1. Pick your fundraising activity:

When it comes to fundraising, there are so many ways to raise money. See just a handful of charity fundraising ideas below! But don’t get overwhelmed by the possibilities, pick an event or activity that’s feasible.

2. Set a target:

Having a goal for the amount you want to raise will ensure you stay motivated throughout your fundraising journey. You will also be able to share this target with your supporters, so they have an idea of the final figure you’ve got in mind.

3. Contact The Common Good

Reach out to the friendly team at The Common Good via info@thecommongood.org.au

We will provide resources for your fundraising journey including an Authority to Fundraise form and our bank details for when it’s time to donate your funds to support life-changing medical research. (Plus, if you have any questions along the way do not hesitate to get in touch!)

4. Decide on a date, time, and location for your fundraiser:

If you have your heart set on a specific location it may be worthwhile calling to check their availability before settling on a date and time. Do you need a license, permit or permission of any kind to fundraise at the desired spot? Once you’ve ticked all these boxes you can make a booking and share the fundraiser details.

5. Enlist help if you need it:

Not all charity fundraising ideas will require the help or involvement of external parties. But if extra hands are needed, then its better to give them as much notice as possible.

6. Promote your fundraiser:

There are so many ways to spread the word about your fundraiser, including social media, email, posters in the workplace, local newspaper publications or Facebook community groups. You can also use these channels to keep your supporters informed about your progress throughout your fundraiser. If you tag @thecommongoodau, we'll also give you a shout-out!

Extra Step: Don’t forget to thank everyone who helps along the way!

Charity Fundraising Ideas

  • Jar Guessing Competition: When you think about a jar guessing competition, lollies might come to mind. The concept is simple - a jar is filled with lollies and participants are asked to guess how many are in the jar. A gold coin is donated along with each guess, and the person with the closest number will win the jar once the competition has ended. And if you don’t like lollies or want to promote healthy eating – no problem. Why not fill the jar with popcorn, lego pieces, bouncy balls, marbles, crayons,bobby pins or cotton buds?
  • Raffle: Selling raffle tickets is a common way to fundraise and it’s easy to do. There are many local businesses who are happy to donate a prize for goods or services for a worthy cause. Once you’ve secured a prize you can sell tickets at school or work.
  • Car wash: Most people like the convenience of a car wash. They are often more than willing to part with their money to have someone else do the job. They’ll be even more satisfied when they’re ticking the job off their list AND raising money for a meaningful cause.   
  • Sausage sizzle: Who doesn’t love a snag on bread? Once you’ve got an appropriate place to host the event, you could ask for donations of sausages, bread and sauce to keep costs low.
  • Bake sale:  Whip up some sweet treats to sell at a bake sale. You can also enlist some other bakers to donate their tasty creations.
  • Dog walking: If you love dogs and taking a stroll outside, then why not walk some four-legged friends to boost your step count and raise money.  
  • Free dress day with donation at school or work: Free dress days or themed dress up days can be loads of fun and they’re an effortless way to fundraise.  
  • Sponsored exercise event: Ask your colleagues, friends of family to sponsor an activity of your choice. That could be walking, running, cycling, or skating a certain number of kilometres.  You could even set a target to complete a designated number of skips, steps, burpees or dance for a specified time.
  • Colour run or amazing race: If you want to raise money in an active way but don’t want to fundraise alone then a sporting competition, like a game, colour run or amazing race, could be a worthy alternative.
  • Luncheon/morning or afternoon tea: Why not make your fundraiser an event to remember? A luncheon, morning tea or afternoon tea can be held at a venue, or you can have it catered. Profits can be donated. If the event is not catered, then you could ask attendees to bring a donation and a plate of food. Do your friends, family or colleagues really like dressing up to the nines? If so, then a black-tie dinner or ball could be another alternative.
  • Silent auction: Ask local businesses to donate goods or services and participants can place their bids on the items anonymously.
  • Art exhibition: Hold an exhibition and ask for an entry donation from those who attend. To raise even more money, you could auction off a piece of artwork.  
  • Bingo/trivia night: Do you have trivia or bingo skills to impress? Playing a game with a large group is entertaining and you could raise a significant amount by asking for a donation to take part.
  • Hours of pay: Could your friends commit one hour of pay to a good cause? This idea gives your supporters a clear understanding of how much you’re asking for. (Plus, you can keep their donations confidential.)
  • Coin jars in office: This idea requires very little effort on your part. Simply print a label that showcases your cause and stick it onto a jar. Then place the collection jar in a visible (and safe) spot, so that people can pop any spare change or larger donations in when it suits them.

Thank you for Supporting The Common Good

Before you start drumming up support and securing funds, we’d like to thank you for supporting The Common Good and helping to power life-changing medical research.

The Common Good was established to help people live healthier for longer. Through the power of the collective we can support and facilitate incredible researchers who are striving to make breakthroughs in the areas of dementia, mental health, lung disease and heart disease.

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Published: 4 October, 2022

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