ICU of the Future

Help us build the ICU of the Future by June 2022

Intensive Care Units save lives. Plain and simple. Often, for the most vulnerable patients, it’s a matter of life and death so help us build ICU of the Future.

The success of ICUs in Australia is remarkable, with 90% survival rates. Around 150,000 Australian’s will be admitted into Intensive Care this year.

While most patients survive ICU, the data shows that the experience can be traumatic. Alarms activating every 60 seconds day and night, lights permanently on and a lack of privacy lead to high levels of stress, sleep deprivation, depression and anxiety. These issues can lead to longer-term disorders such as post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) in around 20% of patients, and delirium (around 40%).

The ICU of the Future project will replace the traditional ICU bedspace with an enhanced healing space which will allow people to rest and optimises recovery.

With your help we will create an ICU that will deliver privacy, encourages sleep by creating a quieter space utilising ‘silent’ alarms and importantly can keep patients and families connected. This prototype will one day be the future of the ICU.

Working with the Critical Care Research Group, The Common Good hopes to see the future of the ICU quickly become a reality. In just over a year you will be able to see what you have helped create, seeing a project which will improve lives not only in Brisbane but around the world.

Every hour you donate will directly fund the ICU of the Future project to help the sickest of the sick recover better, and your support will be recognised in a commemorative booklet.

Gavin Allen's ICU experience

Former State of Origin and Brisbane Broncos rugby league player, Gavin Allen, talks about his harrowing experience in ICU following a heart transplant.

You can watch Gavin's video here.

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Thank you so much for your wonderful support.

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