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Like a car we work best when all our ‘parts’ are working together in harmony. Our researchers are trying to understand how each of our parts work and how they work together, to develop better patient treatments improve outcomes and quality of life.


Taming tummy troubles

Coeliac disease not only causes pain, discomfort and embarrassing symptoms it can more serious long-term health concerns including malnutrition. Our researcher’s revolutionary research is set to change the restrictive gluten free life of coeliac sufferers.

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The real effects of poor liver function

Liver disease is becoming increasingly prevalent each year, in Australia and across the globe. Understanding the causes and flow on effects of impaired liver function could lead to diagnosing the underlying issues faster and save lives.

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Making sure blood transfusions are really saving lives

1 in 3 Australians will need transfusion of donated blood in their lifetime. Our researchers want to eliminate complications for recipients and ensure the blood given is the best quality – making sure the blood transfused is truly saving lives.

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Avoiding a toxic relationship

It’s estimated over 20 million people worldwide suffer severe infection each year and there are still many questions surrounding the best treatment to save lives. Our researchers are on a mission to better identify the onset of sepsis and ensure treatments are not causing more harm than good.

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