Improving in-hospital experience

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No one wants to be in hospital but sometimes it cannot be avoided. Our researchers want to ensure patients stays are comfortable and they’re getting home to their families sooner by helping to improve treatment and care.


Optimum care for the most ill

The ICU cares for the most critically ill patients, patients who often cannot communicate how they are feeling. Our teams are finding other ways patients and their bodies communicate with us to ensure they receive the best treatment possible.

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Playing the part of the heart and lungs

Bypass technologies that clean and oxygenate the blood save lives but come with potential complications and risks. Our researchers want to understand what Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) and bypass are really doing to the blood and body to increase patient’s chance of survival.

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Elderly Assessment

Reducing the risks for elderly patients

Older generations are often our most at risk patients, frequently presenting with a number of health issues, increasing complications and readmission. By assessing and treating elderly patients more holistically we aim to improve patient recovery and reduce hospital stays.

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Emergency Department

Providing fast and accurate care

The fastest paced department of a hospital is also the most critical in helping patients receive the most appropriate and time sensitive care they need. Our researchers are determined to ensure emergency patients are receiving the right care, quickly, to reduce hospital stays happy and healthy.

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Pressure Injuries

Taking the pressure down

Pressure injuries are an unfortunate risk for anyone in hospital or immobile, even for a short time, potentially causing serious complications and extending hospital stays. But can we reduce the risk and occurrence through better patient assessment, new technologies and techniques?

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