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The leading cause of death worldwide, heart disease kills a staggering 1 in 3 Australians. We’re aiming to change these statistics and keep patients living longer, improving care and quality of life.


Groundbreaking technology for bionic hearts

The ICETLAB are improving cardiovascular assist devices with the latest in biomedical engineering. By integrating this into clinical practice their discoveries are truly saving lives.

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Finding the best medicines to treat the heart

Working in ‘real life’ with real heart tissue, heart surgeons and cardiologists the in vitro laboratory investigates new targets for medicines, to uncover the most effective treatments for patients with life-threatening heart disease.

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Uncovering hidden heart conditions

Advances in medical imaging are leading the detection of hidden heart conditions. Improving diagnosis and early detection to help patients receive the treatment they need and have the best chance of recovery.

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Innovating treatments for heart patients

Applying new methods and using the latest technology the cardiology department are optimising testing, treatment and disease management for heart patients, improving quality of care and quality of life.

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New Investigators

Young researchers with heart

From keeping patients alive while they wait for transplant to making more heart available to those in need, these young researchers are starting their careers with big ambitions to - save lives worldwide.

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