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What is Regular Giving to Charity?

Regular Giving to The Common Good can significantly impact people’s lives. 

Our charity exists to help people live healthier for longer by sustainably backing research projects to their completion. This sustainable funding of life-changing medical research can lead to breakthroughs in treating, managing, or preventing debilitating conditions affecting up to 90% of the population.

It is only thanks to our generous supporters that we can fund hours of research that drives medical discoveries and produces vital and tangible outcomes. Those who give regularly play a pivotal role in creating this noteworthy change.

Below, we answer several FAQs about regular giving and explain the difference your frequent contributions can make.

Regular Giving to Charity Explained

As the name implies, regular giving means contributing a tax-deductible gift to a charity on an ongoing basis at set intervals, usually monthly.  

These consistent donations are automatically deducted from a designated bank account or credit card.

Regular giving is a simple and easy thing to set up, and you receive a receipt at the end of each financial year for tax purposes.   

Challenges Faced by Australian Researchers

Time is precious in the world of medical research, yet many Australian researchers spend up to a third of their time applying for funding grants, leaving less time in their days to undertake their life-changing work.  

Alarmingly, about 90 per cent of medical research projects are abandoned before completion due to a lack of funding.

These projects could be paving the way to a breakthrough; however, the funding dilemma means they must come to a halt before they find the solution they’re seeking.

The Impact of Regular Giving

One hundred per cent of public donations are applied to our purpose as we self-fund our charitable operating costs through our social enterprise businesses, which include several cafes and a catering service.

This means the money generously gifted to us by our donors is used to improve lives as it enables us to fund medical research that may lead to life-saving discoveries.  

Gifts of any size can make an impact and it’s often the consolidation of many small amounts which make a big difference! Due to our unique funding model, you can support an hour of medical research through The Common Good for $48 and many of our supporters like to adopt an hour of research each month as their regular gift. It’s important to note that every hour donated is an hour closer to vital and tangible health outcomes for our loved ones.

Along with the change your regular gift can contribute to, setting up these consistent payments is a hassle-free way to contribute to a cause that’s close to your heart.

Will I Receive a Tax Receipt for Regular Gifts?

Yes. Donations of $2 and above are tax deductible.

Our regular givers receive a consolidated annual receipt in July for tax purposes via mail or email, depending on your preference.

What are my Responsibilities as a Regular Giver?

Committing to giving frequent donations to The Common Good is an incredible act of generosity, and we are truly grateful.

We debit your account as per the donation agreement you’ve made. Regular givers are responsible for having sufficient funds in their account at the time of the withdrawal. This authorisation remains in place until you contact The Common Good to make any changes.

Do you have any Questions about Regular Giving?

If you’d like to learn more about making a regular gift or the gift you are currently making, our friendly team will be happy to answer your questions.

You can reach us on (07) 3139 4636 or by email

Published: 6 January, 2023

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