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Reducing the Strain by helping regional CF patients.

Each year 100’s of Cystic Fibrosis (CF) patients from regional and remote locations, their families and carers make the timely, expensive and disruptive journey to CF treatment centres in metropolitan hubs; many for treatments or tests they should be able to receive locally. These trips mean time off work, the expense of travel and accommodation and being away from the comfortable home environment for extended periods; creating enormous financial, physical and mental strain and all for something that may be completely unnecessary.

Through his work in the CF field, Dr George Tay recognised the need for more of the routine CF treatments and tests to be conducted locally in regional centres to reduce the burden on families and patients being sent to the closest CF facility, which could be many hours or even days away.

Dr George Tay and his team are working to develop and online educational hub for clinicians to locate the latest information on CF, CF treatments, and related ailments and ask questions of and discuss treatments and experience with specialists and medical professionals. It’s hoped that the success of this platform will allow medical professionals to feel confident in conducting more minor treatment and tests for CF patients on a local level and lessening the impact this condition has on both the patient and families life.

The success of this project would then see the team working toward an online patient hub of a similar nature - to educate CF patients and families with accurate and up-to-date information, as well as a mobile app to monitor their condition, appointments and medical needs allowing them to really take ownership of their health.

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