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Angels fly high in volunteer week

The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation has recognised its hard-working flock of angels as part of National Volunteer Week.

The Foundation has presented Service Awards to 11 Charlie’s Angels volunteers, including Margaret van Gerrisheim who volunteered at The Prince Charles Hospital from 1995 to 2020.

The event included a special thank you to former volunteer coordinator Bruce Proud and Merle Hogg who was a Charlie’s Angel for 23 years.

The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation’s CEO, Michael Hornby, said the Angels play an important role at the hospital.

“The Charlie’s Angels are a wonderful part of the hospital community – they contribute about 500 hours each week, which is about $750,000 a year,” Mr Hornby said.

“Our long-term volunteers become friendly faces for patients and their families so it is great to recognise their hard work.

“They can be the first contact point for worried families and National Volunteer Week gives us a great chance to thank them for all their time and effort.”

Mr Hornby said the volunteers are easy to spot.

“Families looking for directions should reach out to the Charlie’s Angels volunteers in their bright yellow shirts,” he said.

“The Angels volunteer across at The Prince Charles Hospital and all the staff are grateful for their support.”

For more information about our Charlie's Angels, or to join the Charlie's Angels team, click here.

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