The Common Good Global Ambassadors

The Common Good’s Global Ambassadors come from all walks of life, but have one thing in common. They all want to help research students make medical discoveries to end chronic illness. Here are some of our Global Ambassadors:

Kerry O’Brien

Award winning journalist, author and host

"I have not taken the role of becoming an Ambassador lightly; I have seen the great work that is going on. I have seen the dedication and the passion. I urge you to join me for The Common Good."

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Michael Groom

Mt Everest Conqueror

Helping lung transplant patients to live longer and healthier lives

Trevor Gillmeister

Australian Rugby League Legend

Helping to fight asbestosis, the disease which claimed his father

Sterling Nasa

Dementia Campaigner

Helping to tackle Dementia through the project “Sterling’s dream”

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Bill McDonald


Finding better treatments for heart disease

Claire Holt

Actress, global ambassador

"For $44 an hour, it’s such a small amount to make a difference.

So I’m really hopeful by getting behind this I can also encourage others to do the same."

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Kate Phillips

Heart and double lung transplant recipient

Competing in triathlons and living life to the fullest
Ambassador for the Cycle of Giving

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Richard Bettles

Ultramarathon Runner

Running in the ultimate race against time to stop dementia in its tracks.

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