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We're thrilled to announce that The Common Good has again been named as the Australian Unity Tour de Brisbane official charity partner!

Together we're gearing up to raise a total of 5600 hours of life-changing medical research. Every hour each rider raises will go directly to funding research into dementia, mental health, lung disease, heart disease and organ transplant.

With over 110kms of fully closed courses and distances to fit every fitness level, whether you’re going for a family ride or racing for the podium - there’s a ride or race for you.​ 

Grab your bike, register to ride and start fundraising today!

Supporting The Common Good

This year, we are gearing up to raise 5,600 hours of medical research into organ transplant as well as some of Australia’s most common and chronic conditions including dementia, mental health, heart disease and lung disease.

These are conditions that will affect 90% of us in our lifetime. If every rider fundraised just one hour, we’d raise over $250,000 and power life-changing medical research for our friends, family, colleagues and community.


Want to join Brisbane's biggest ride, and fund life-changing medical research? Well now is the time to register!

This year's Australian Unity Tour de Brisbane features over 110kms of fully closed roads, and 6 unique courses for riders of every fitness level.

All courses are now open for registrations. Just register to ride online at, and you can start fundraising!

Each rider automatically receives a unique fundraising page when they register. Share your page on social media, text your friends or make a self-donation to get your fundraising started!

Can't raise the 'bucks, but want to back the cause? Make a donation instead of fundraising!

Not up to fundraising? No problem! You can make a donation at registration, or donate to the event.

All funds raised from the Australian Unity Tour de Brisbane will go directly to supporting research into dementia, mental health, lung disease, heart disease and organ transplant. These are conditions that will affect 90% of us in our lifetime.

It costs just $48 to power one hour of life-changing medical research. Make a donation today, and help us smash our goal of 5600 hours!

Not ready to join the ride? Why not sponsor a rider!

This year's Australian Unity Tour de Brisbane will see over 8,000 riders take to the streets of Brisbane for the city's biggest bike ride of the year.

Every rider has a reason for riding. Read some of our fundraiser stories below, or search or rider database to find a friend to support.


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SEE the causes you are supporting


Dementia is the second leading cause of death in Australia - a statistic that many Australians would be surprised to hear. It is estimated that 472,000 Australian are currently living with dementia and almost 1.6 million people are involved in the care of someone living with dementia.

Mental Health

One-in-two Australians will suffer from a mental illness in their lives and sadly suicide is the leading cause of death for people aged 15 – 24.  In addition, 25% of people will experience an anxiety condition in their lives with three million Australians living with anxiety or depression. 

Lung Disease

If you don’t know anyone with a chronic lung disease such as cystic fibrosis or emphysema, you may not understand the full impact of these lung diseases on everyday life. Most patients have to undergo thorough and intensive regimes to keep their lungs in working condition; being careful to not get sick, taking dozens of medications and sticking to specially designed diets.

In addition to this, the already debilitating diseases can wreak havoc when it “flares up”. Patients are often hospitalised due to exacerbation of symptoms. If the exacerbation isn’t caught early enough, the results can be devastating and even fatal.

Heart Disease

Heart disease remains the number one killer in Australia.At least 90% of us carry one or more risk factors for heart disease, with the condition killing three times as many women as breast cancer.

Organ Transplant

Currently, the organ and tissue transplant waiting list sits at about 1,500 Australian patients.

Every year up to 100 Australians need a lung transplant to keep them alive. Meanwhile, up to 50,000 Australians would benefit from a heart transplant. Although hundreds of organs are made available for transplant each year, only a fraction ever make it through to a donor.

There is a desperate need to increase the number of organs viable for transplant and to improve patient outcomes post-operation.

Featured Fundraisers

Hear their REason for riding

Kate Phillips

Q&A with Kate Phillips, heart and double lung transplant recipient and 110km Australian Unity Tour de Brisbane rider.

Since having your transplant you have competed in not just cycling events but also triathlons. What got you interested in triathlons?

I’d always been keen on triathlons as my family and friends both competed in them but I had only been able to be a spectator as my body before my transplant just wasn’t built for it. After I had my transplant, I really wanted to be able to fully participate by competing...

Stephanie Yerkovich

Q and A with Stephanie Yerkovich, Research Development Manager at The Common Good and Australian Unity Tour de Brisbane rider.

Are you riding in the Australian Unity Tour de Brisbane our individually or part of a team? I ride with my good friend, Marg Passmore who also works at The Prince Charles Hospital (TPCH) as a scientist with the Critical Care Research Group. Marg and I have completed a number of Cycle of Giving rides together (previous event which raised money for organ transplant at TPCH) and this year...

Dan & Naomi Chambers

Q&A with Dan Chambers, senior thoracic physician and head of research at Queensland Lung Transplant Service and his wife Naomi Chambers.

Which cause are you backing and why?  As a lung transplant physician, the cause I am fundraising for is organ transplant. I have seen first-hand how supporting medical research can help power medical discoveries...

Ed Godwell

Q and A with ed Godwell, Australian Unity Tour de Brisbane 100m Gran Fondo rider.

What is your favourite thing about cycling in the Tour de Brisbane? It’s fun riding on fully closed roads without vehicles and the fear of becoming roadkill! It’s great being with so many like-minded riders from across Queensland and Australia. My goal is to stay upright and ride safely.

Richard McLachlan

Q and A with Richard McLachlan, Australian Unity Development Director and rider in this year’s Australian Unity Tour de Brisbane.

This year we’re hoping to raise $250,000 for The Common Good. Which of the key causes (lung disease, heart disease, dementia, mental health and organ transplant ) are you aligned to and why? 

The key health area that I am fundraising for is lung disease. My Dad, who was a committed smoker passed away 11 years ago from lung, liver and bone cancer and so lung disease is a cause close to my heart...

Kerryn Roberts

Q and A with Kerryn Roberts, Project Financial Manager at Australian Unity and community ride participant in the Australian Unity Tour de Brisbane.

Where do you live in Brisbane?
We live in the Brisbane suburb of Windsor but have only lived there for about two years, having moved up from Adelaide. Windsor is a great location as we can access the Kedron Brook Bikeway which is wonderful bike riding spot for young families...

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