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Thank you so much to everyone who participated in, supported, and volunteered at the Tour de Brisbane on Sunday 11 July, 2021. We can't wait to see you next year for another amazing event on fully-closed Brisbane roads.

Get the Team back together!

Get the team back together in 2021 by registering a corporate or community team to ride in the Tour de Brisbane, raising funds for organ transplant research. Rebuild team morale with this family-friendly, socially distanced event while giving back to the Community.

Riding to raise funds for organ transplant research, your business could make a serious difference to people with end-stage heart and lung disease in need of a transplant. Our research teams at The Common Good have made some real progress in this area, with projects such as:

  • investing in the Southern Hemisphere’s largest clinical trial of stem cell therapy post lung transplant
  • advancements in heart pump technology to better support those with heart failure
  • improving the quality of lungs for transplant, increasing the number of viable lungs available
  • uncovering why some lungs begin to breakdown after transplant, improving the success rate of this procedure

You can create a team for Tour de Brisbane with riders across multiple distances – this event is not only for seasonal cyclists. Our friends at Scody can help ensure brand recognition with a custom kit using your logo and business colours. We’ll set you up a team fundraising page, so you can accept and track donations towards your ride without having to take responsibility for cash handling - we’ll even send out donation receipts on your behalf!

This can be as low key or big as you like – go all out with socially distanced training rides, fundraising events, and some healthy competition with team member prizes for training or fundraising efforts.

How to register a Tour de Brisbane Team

  1. Each team member will need to register to ride via our unique URL, providing exclusive entry fee discounts for those doing the 30km, 70km or 110km courses. NOTE: A GoFundraise profile page will automatically be created for each person during the ride registration process.
  2. Select a member of our team to be the team captain.
  3. The Team Captain can create the team here on the GoFundraise platform.
  4. Once the team is created, members of the team can go here to join the team via GoFundraise.
  5. Now, it's time to start fundraising!

For more information you can read our event FAQ here.

How to join an existing team

To join an existing team, simply:

  1. Follow the steps to register to ride. If you've already registered and started fundraising, the following steps remain the same.
  2. Head to this page on the GoFundraise platform.
  3. Select 'join an existing team"
  4. Search the team name
  5. Follow the prompts to login and join the team!

If you’re unsure about the team registration process, or how to join an existing team, contact our friendly staff here at The Common Good and we'll help you set it up!

Once you’ve registered, we have all sorts of resources available including a Fundraising Guide to help spread awareness and boost your fundraising. The Common Good team would be only too happy to help if you’d like additional support for your fundraising initiatives, just give us a call!

As a team, you can multiply your impact by coming together and funding the vital work of organ transplant medical researchers based right here in Brisbane. Every $44 raised will fund another hour of research.

Your Fundraising Impact

100% of the funds raised in Tour de Brisbane will go straight towards supporting the vital work of organ transplant medical researchers backed by The Common Good.

The research is time critical - for every $44 raised, another hour of research work can occur. Throw the challenge out to your

You can check out our Fundraising Guide here, or access a host of fundraising resources here.


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