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Whether carried from birth, caused by illness or environmental factors our researchers are working to understand the development of lung diseases and improve treatments to help patients breathe easy.


Helping patients and their new lungs live in harmony

Our researchers want to increase quantity and quality of lungs available for transplant and help patients and their new lungs live in harmony because, for many patients, ‘new’ lungs are the only option.

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Lung Cancer

Catching Cancer early

Early, accurate diagnosis can be key to the success of cancer treatments. Using cutting edge technology for early detection, understanding the disease progression and developing personalised treatments our teams hope to improve survival rates for cancer patients.

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Cystic Fibrosis

Improving quality of life for CF patients

From birth Cystic Fibrosis dramatically impacts day-to-day life with ongoing, debilitating complications that can lead to death. Our researchers are working to help patients not only live longer but to live BETTER lives.

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Finding the cause to find the cure

Imagine spending every day struggling to breathe, with each ‘flare up’ increasing the damage. Identify what exacerbates COPD will allow us to better predict, prevent and treat ‘flare ups’ in future and take a weight off the chest of COPD patients.

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Stem Cell Therapy

Using the body to heal itself

Stem cells are increasingly being used to treat a range of ailments worldwide and now our researchers are investigating the effectiveness of stem cells therapies in treating lung diseases with promising clinical results.

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Helping patients recover faster

Nobody wants to stay in hospital any longer than necessary and a faster recovery often reduces the risk of readmission. So, let’s help critically ill patients recover and get home to their families sooner.

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New Investigators

Breathing new life into research

Lung disease can affect anyone at any age. Our New Investigators want to improve early detection and treatment for everyone – including the most vulnerable members of our community.

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