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The brain is one of the last medical frontiers with much still to be uncovered about the development, organisation and the various roles the brain plays as the control room of the body. When the brain suffers damage it can affect the function of your the entire body. Our researchers want to improve the quality of life for patients with brain injury or illness and help them continue to lead a normal life.


Unlocking the mystery to find a cure

Dementia is the second leading cause of death in Australia yet little is known about its cause, its progression or how to treat it. It’s time to unlock the mysteries of Dementia to find a cure and give people their awareness back.

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Helping survivors return to normal life

As a leading cause of disability, if you’re lucky enough to survive, stroke can have a serious ongoing impact. Our researchers hope to advance treatment and care for stroke survivors and help families get back to daily life.

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Keeping patients on their feet

One in four older people have a fall each year, with subsequent injuries and hospital stays often exacerbating existing health concerns. So how can we improve patient care after falls to reduce the risks of it happening again?

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