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Our Patron

In 1974 during a visit from His Royal Highness, Prince Charles, Prince of Wales The Chermside Hospital was renamed as "The Prince Charles Hospital" (TPCH). Today TPCH is a major tertiary referral hospital for cardiac and thoracic services as well as providing emergency medicine, orthopaedic surgery, general surgery, general medicine, geriatric medicine and rehabilitation, and mental health services to the local population.

In 1987 The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation was established to raise needed funds to support the world class medical research happening at TPCH.

Our leadership team

Chief Executive Officer
Michael Hornby
07 3139 4915

Chief Operating Officer
Katrina Beasley ACA
07 3139 4780

Partnership Manager
Mick Dwane
07 3139 6350

General Manager Café & Catering
Steve Lee
07 3139 6029

Research Development Manager
Prof Stephanie Yerkovich
07 3139 4118

Fundraising Manager
David Hillier
07 3139 6123

Events Manager
Emily Howard
07 3139 4636

Marketing Manager
Eve Vickerson
07 3139 4144

For all other enquiries, please contact The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation on 07 3139 4636.