Tom Hoey and Dave Wood

Everesting Challenge

If working as Consultants in a busy Emergency Department is not enough of a challenge for Dave Wood and Tom Hoey, their shared interest in all things cycling has led them to attempt something that will test the limits of both their physical and mental fortitude!


That challenge is........ summiting the world’s tallest peak on their bikes! While cycling up the actual Mt Everest may not be possible, what is possible is Everesting: “Fiendishly simple, yet brutally hard.  Everesting is the most difficult climbing challenge in the world” say event founders, Hells 500 Cycling Collective.

Essentially the challenge involves carrying out repeats of a chosen climb until you’ve reached the elevation of Mount Everest (8,848m). 

Based in Brisbane at The Prince Charles Hospital, Dave and Tom have decided to take on the Everesting challenge at the city’s loftiest peak, Mt Coot-tha (287m). This means a staggering 45 shuttle runs up and down the backside of Mt Coot-tha to reach the elevation of Everest! The only rule is that it be attempted in one active session (food breaks allowed). It is anticipated their ride will take them over 15 hours and over 200kms of riding. See more about Everesting Challenges here

The pair of doctors are drawn to the physical challenge, however, one of the key motivators for performing the Everesting Challenge on Sat 20 Oct 2018 is that they want to give back to their colleagues at The Prince Charles Hospital and support medical research. 

They are also hoping to raise the profile of a  cultural change initiative at The Prince Charles Hospital, “C1-ONE TEAM” a grass roots movement aimed at cohesive staff relationships through building a culture of respectful and empathetic communication. Functioning as ONE TEAM with shared goals means excellent patient care and staff experience. 

“This will be the toughest physical challenge of my life so far.  What will keep me going is the thought of giving back to my amazing colleagues and to raise money for the life-changing medical research at The Common Good......and trying to beat Tom of course ;-)” says Dave.

Help Dave and Tom reach their goal of summiting the equivalent of Everest and donate now to their fundraising campaign. 

Check back to this page often as we’ll keep you updated on their progress.

Dave and Tom would love to have you support them on the day by either riding a few Coothas with them or providing some much needed encouragement from the sidelines. You could set your own challenge and fundraising page too. If you don’t fancy doing the full Everest perhaps do a ‘Kosciusko’ or even an ‘Everest Base camp’:

Cootha challenges

Mount Cootha

Mount Cootha 3x (strava segment)

Ben Nevis - 7 Coothas

Mount Kosciusko - 11 Coothas

Mount Fuji - 19 Coothas

Base camp - 27 Coothas

Mount Siula Grande - 32 Coothas (from "Touching the Void"

Everest – 45 Coothas

You can set up your fundraising page here

Let us know if you do set up a page and we can then link it to ours




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Sponsors of Everesting Challenge

Kong donated $50
Well done !! An amazing achievement !
Edwin and Mary donated $50
Well done Tom and Dave!
Vicky Carling donated $40
Sorry it’s late. I hope this still works! I hope the ride went well and congrats on a mad challenge. Vicky
Chirag donated $50
Well done guys!
Saul, Jenny & Dylan donated $100
Incredible effort, mate, and great cause!
Gavin and Deanna donated $88
Better you than us! Well done:):)
Joubin donated $22
Go sirs, like David vs Goliath
Julio donated $50
Well done guys! Amazing achievement!
Evan donated $45
Robert McCartney donated $150
donated $471
Congratulations Dave & Tom - cash donations to Everesting Challenge!
Pete, Elizabeth, Isla and Tom donated $50
Great Effort!!
Alex B donated $75
Impressive effort....... I still think you are crazy. Well done.
Dave C donated $75
Well done lads! Heroic effort!
Grantis donated $44
Well done fellas
Sid O’Toole donated $200
Fantastic effort gents. I’m in awe of your achievement.
Jo & Remy donated $25
Amazing work- well done!
Anna Andrews donated $100
Congratulations on an awesome achievement you two!
Shmeegel donated $200
Well done Scrote! Hope you didn't vomit too many times.....
Tris, Kate, & the Kids donated $100
Fantastic effort!!!!
Michael Chandler donated $150
Inspiring effort and commitment in getting the job done!
Vinnie During donated $50
Well done. Amazing achievement
Kylie donated $22
Awesome work guys!! An inspiration.
Ben Wood donated $40
Incredible guys! Well done
Simon Scott donated $100
Great works Gents.
Bronwyn Rasmussen donated $22
Mal donated $44
Well done great effort for a great cause
Adrian Lush donated $22
Great work
Scot and sarah donated $88
Well done lads!
Suzen donated $25
Crazy amazing - well done!
Glenys donated $50
Steve Kearney donated $50
Michael Croker donated $44
Amazing effort Gents, well done
Anna Harding donated $44
Good luck!!!!
Kath Johns donated $44
Happy Everesting.....enjoy the challenge
AKRLK Pinto donated $50
Jonny Lund donated $22
Good luck to you both see you tomorrow
Darren Powrie donated $88
Tanya Mountford donated $50
Good luck boys you are crazy for a good cause !!
David Elliott donated $100
Andrew Trotter donated $22
Let’s see if you’re both still smiling at the end. Best of luck gents
Steph R donated $25
What a massive effort for a great cause. Yall are crazy. Good luck!
Juliet, Max, Felix and Isla donated $100
We are very proud of you Daddy Tom and Dave. Look forward to seeing you at the summit..
Brett Jensen donated $50
Good luck boys
Debbie Lee donated $100
All the best, Dave and Tom!
Mark H donated $100
Best of luck! Wondering when you will next be able to walk after this. Stay hydrated!
Terry Gurr donated $25
Good cause gents - I’ll be joining you at sunrise for a Kosciusko attempt - good luck to us all!?!?
Danielle donated $50
Good luck Dave and Tom!
The McGuigans donated $88
Go n-éiri an bothar leat!
Simon Gatehouse donated $44
Have fun!
Mick Groom donated $22
Good luck lads!
Christian Hamilton-Craig donated $88
Wow! What a challenge... go for it guys, hats off to you for a great effort. Go those legs !
Richard O’Driscoll donated $100
Best of luck to you both Dave!
Jeff Beehler donated $25
Good luck boys.
Baylis family donated $50
May the mountain be with you
Jane & Corey donated $22
Ride like the wind up a very tall mountain gentlemen!
Allison Fifoot donated $100
Truly impressed guys but, I must admit, crazy comes to mind!!! I can’t be with you in person on the day but will be thinking of you and spurring you on.
Boom Boom donated $50
Ride hard suckers!!
David donated $100
At last
Chris donated $2
The Coombes' donated $50
Good luck Dave. We will be cheering you on.
The Adams Family donated $88
Go hard and stay safe!
Chris donated $2
Pete S donated $100
You've got this!!
The Campbells donated $40
Neil Grant donated $140
Will be an amazingchallenge ! good luck guys Best wishes Neil
Al donated $100
Good luck guys. I'll see you at the summit!
Donna donated $100
Ben Symon donated $100
Geoff Pearce donated $300
Good luck to you both. Head down, bum up and push those pedals - that's how you roll!
Anita and Antony Hallagan donated $100
Go team!!
Sudath Ihalawaththa donated $100
All the best for fantastic goal.
Bernie donated $20
Good luck crazy guys!
Sammi donated $50
Good luck fellas!
Sara and Tim Thorn donated $100
We are so grateful for this committment to the team Dave and Tom, thank you.
Kanthi Vemuri donated $100
Hey Dave and Tom ....Way to Go !! Thanks for giving the chance to support a good cause !
Tricia Rolls donated $100
Way to go Dave and Tom! I’ll be cheering you on in spirit on the day!!
Martin Batstone donated $50
Steve Lane donated $50
Chris Fiorini donated $50
A big test but you boys are up for the challenge, All the best!????
Mel Plumb donated $50
Good Luck Dave and Tom!
Tony Meacock donated $22
Rather you than me!
Tom H (the other one) donated $44
Best of luck, Chaps
Wells family donated $50
We know you can do it. We will be there to cheer you on.
Julie Craig donated $22
Duncan donated $50
Alaa Ibrahim donated $100
Good luck
Steve and Tina Wood donated $500
Remembering you in all your training - go for it!
Andrew Blanch donated $50
John & Rebecca donated $50
Good luck bro!
Kitty & Pete donated $44
Good luck!
Kathryn Colebourne donated $100
Good luck guys - rhabdo recovery fund building nicely!
Laura Best donated $50
What an amazing challenge!! Good luck Xxx
Matt Wakeley donated $50
Good luck guys!
Sue Hobbins donated $100
What a fantastic challenge! Good luck and ride safely.
Michelle Mortensen donated $30
Love your passion Dave!
Harish donated $50
Good work guys
Craig F donated $100
Fun! “Greatest challenge of my life ... so far” - what’s next after Everest Dave?! Enjoy the ride for a great cause.
Colin donated $100
Good luck!!!
Jeff Rowland donated $50
you guys are way fitter and braver than me. Someone said to me once that its just a mountain get over it. But 45 times . Thats mad
Jason A donated $100
Well done David! Good luck with the ride!
Cindy donated $22
Go you good things!
Peter donated $88
You won't die of hypothermia! And you will live a great challenge and cause! Good luck!
Faye donated $100
Your level of fitness is an inspiration! Great cause!
Ali, John, Sam & Anna donated $50
Wish we could be there to cheer you on - good luck
Stephen Fahy donated $100
I will try to join you for a lap, but it might be too tiring. Maybe I'll just watch. That might be tiring too. Maybe I'll just wait ti hear about it afterwards.
The Hackwell Family donated $50
Natalie Deuble donated $50
Your wife is going to become a cycling widow as you prepare for this gruelling event!
Richard & Naomi donated $44
Shaun donated $50
Have a great ride, brave fools.
Hoult family donated $80
Bruce Lister donated $88
Jim and Dee Hinton donated $88
Good luck and hope the saddles are well padded.
Jodi and Beau donated $50
Awesome guys, best of luck ??
Colin Baird donated $88
Good luck guys!
Draper family donated $88
What an amazing challenge - good luck!
Dave Cormack donated $30
David Tickle donated $44
Great cause and a fantastic challenge. Much respect.
Dools donated $50
Good luck guys! Better you than me!
Andrew Lingwood donated $150
Sue Harrison donated $100
Mickey Sexton donated $22
I hope Tom wins
Debbie Hacking donated $50
Good luck!!
benny donated $88
Lance Armstrong donated $22
I'll bring the centrifuge!
Wood Family - Clare, Callum and Annabelle donated $250
Good luck!
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