Turn unwanted gold into research

Turning unwanted gold into research

Fund life-changing medical discoveries by donating your broken and unwanted jewellery

Have you got a collection of broken chains, single earrings, or unwanted jewellery sitting in your top drawer that you’ve been procrastinating over for years?

Here’s your opportunity to spring clean your jewellery collection and feel good about it!

The Common Good has partnered with Gold for Good to reduce waste, create space and raise funds for medical research all at the same time. Simply collect up all your broken or unwanted bits and pieces, pop it into a The Common Good x Gold for Good reply paid envelope and feel good knowing that proceeds from these pieces with support life-saving research via The Common Good. You can send in jewellery in any condition, every individual earring and broken clasp makes a difference.

Please read the full Terms and Conditions before donating.

One broken clasp could help fund 1 hour of research

We accept jewellery in any condition:

  • Gold and silver jewellery
  • Scratched or damaged items
  • Old or unwanted rings
  • Single earrings
  • Broken chains or clasps
  • Links
  • Gold Coins
  • Odd bits and pieces

How to donate your unwanted or broken jewellery to our Gold4Good campaign

Step 1

Request a Gold4good pack to be sent to you. Ph 1800 501 269 or email When your Gold4good pack arrives, fill in your details and sign your Gold4good padded envelope.

Step 2

Simply donate your unwanted jewellery inside the Gold4good padded envelope and seal.

Step 3

Place your padded donation envelope into the larger yellow reply-paid envelope, seal it and send via any red Australia Post mailbox by Thursday 30th November, 2023.

Please note the The Common Good cannot provide a Tax receipt for donations of jewellery for this form of giving of unwanted goods to a Gold4good campaign. If requested, for cash donations over $2.00, a Tax receipt can be provided if name and email has been provided on donation envelope.