Will you give the Gift of Time this Christmas?

This Christmas, The Common Good, an initiative of The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation is supporting researchers and medical experts working on a variety of projects focusing on several key research areas of important health issues impacting all of us every day.

When you choose to give the Gift of Time this Christmas, you are giving time to researchers who are dedicating all their time to help us live healthier and safer lives. By standing together to support medical discoveries, we can ensure longer and happier lives with our loved ones.

Today, you can choose to donate to one area of research that is very close to you.


Your Gift of Time can help mend broken hearts through our heart disease research program, tackling the biggest killer of Australia for all ages.


Now, more than ever, mental health is a major issue. Three million Australians are living with anxiety and depression. Bring happiness through healthy minds, donate today to strengthen research and help programs.


Did you know that there are 7.1 million Australians that report suffering from a chronic respiratory condition? Give a chance to breathe, support lung disease research projects.


Christmas is a time to make memories. Dementia is the leading cause of disability in Australians over 65, and our research programs are trying to find ways to protect those precious memories in our minds forever.

Every $44 donated supports ONE HOUR of critical medical research. The hour you donate to The Common Good could be the one that gets us closer to life-saving discoveries.

Donations are fully tax-deductible.

Thank you so much for your wonderful support.

We wish you a safe, happy and healthy Christmas.
Best wishes,

The Team at The Common Good

The Common Good is an initiative of The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation and right now our researchers are working on a range of projects that will help us all live happier healthier lives.

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