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There are 120 research projects on the go here today. Each one making progress every minute, every hour of every day.

Here are just a few of them.

Treating swallowing problems

Difficulty swallowing is extremely common in people suffering chronic lung disease. Being unable to eat and drink properly can lead to infection and even malnutrition. Dr Petrea Cornwell is a speech pathologist whose research into identifying and treating those at risk is attracting worldwide attention.

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The genes that cause lung cancer in non-smokers

Up to 15 percent of lung cancer patients have never smoked. Professor Kwun Fong and his team have identified genetic differences within the cancers in lungs of smokers with those in non-smokers. This have a significant impact on identifying non-smokers at risk of developing the disease.

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The effect of bypass on essential trace elements

Plastic tubing has long been used as a component in heart bypass procedures. Charles McDonald suspected selenium, along with other trace elements essential to fighting infection, was being absorbed into the plastic. His team’s research proved it, and the discovery will result in faster recovery for many patients.

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Giving patients back their voice

Many intensive care patients are unable to speak because of tubes in their throats. This is frustrating and isolating. Speech pathologist Anna-Liisa Sutt used a new valve to help patients speak for short periods. Patients felt more involved in their own care, recovered faster and some even experienced improved lung function.

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using superglue to secure IV lines

When intravenous lines (IVs) need re-inserting, it's uncomfortable for patients and means relying on weaker veins. This can be time consuming for nurses and adds up in equipment costs for hospitals. When researchers Gabriela Simova and Amanda Corley compared using superglue with using tape, rates of infection, blockage and accidental removal were reduced.

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