Create Your Own Fundraiser

The Common Good is about everyday people doing amazing things every day to support, fund and discover new medical breakthroughs. Create your own fundraiser or activity and do some good, for The Common Good.

Funds raised through 'My Fundraiser' will support research projects through The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation. Please contact our team if you want funds to go to a specific research team.

It's easy to start your own campaign

Step 1 - Decide what you're going to do for The Common Good and create your page.

Whether you're climbing a mountain, swimming across an ocean or having a bake sale, your event can help raise funds for medical research! Decide what you're going to do to raise money, and set up your profile page. Setting up your profile only takes a couple of minutes and will help your supporters understand why you are raising money.

Step 2 - Tell everyone about your activity.

Once you’ve set up your profile and made it look great, share it with your friends, family and colleagues by email and your social networks. The more people you can bring to your page, the more donations you’ll receive for your fundraiser!

Step 3 - Thank your friends and family for their support and keep them updated!

Your donors are supporting you and your quest to save and change lives through medical research, so keep them updated on the good work you're doing and your contribution to improving others' lives.