Please help The Prince Charles Hospital celebrate the brief but beautiful life of Carly Staite. Donate a gift towards research, and help spare future generations from chronic illness.

Some children dream of being pop stars, while others yearn to be richer than Bill Gates. But all Carly Staite ever wanted was a normal life.

She couldn’t have cared less about wealth or mega stardom. Instead, Carly’s greatest wish was to experience more than a few days in a row without pain, and to have a future to look forward to where every breath didn’t feel like it might be her last.

Modest though her ambitions were, sadly they proved to be out of Carly’s reach. You see, Carly was one of the hundreds of Australians born each year with cystic fibrosis. And last year her second double lung transplant failed and Carly tragically passed away aged just 17 years old.

As a result, Carly is no longer able to continue her lifelong fight against our most common serious inherited disease. Which means it is now up to The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation and friends like you to win the battle for her.

Will you donate a precious gift in Carly’s name today, and help provide our researchers with the funds they need to beat Queensland’s most serious chronic diseases?

The Prince Charles Hospital is one of the world’s foremost centres for research into cystic fibrosis. And right now, several of our teams are working on technology and treatments that have the potential to add years to the lives of patients like Carly, while sparing them some of the worst symptoms of their disease.

The research is exciting, but to fulfil its potential, it requires as much support from people like you as you are able to give.

That’s why we’re reaching out to you today to ask you to please donate a gift to help us make Carly Staite’s dream of a cystic fibrosis-free future come true.

The number of health problems Carly endured in her short life is quite overwhelming. She had to contend with lung failure, diabetes, kidney failure and cancer. Yet no matter how bad things got for her, she never stopped smiling and she never stopped believing that cystic fibrosis would be beaten.

Her belief lives on in our research teams, and with your help today, they will continue to do all they can to ensure that it becomes a reality.

So that one day soon a child born with cystic fibrosis can look forward to the normal life that proved a dream too far for Carly. Thank you so much for your help today, and for joining us in remembering Carly’s brief but beautiful life in the most appropriate and moving way possible.

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Every person like Carly that is lost to chronic illness is another devastating reminder of why our researchers need our help.

They’re working so hard to beat cystic fibrosis and other devastating diseases, but they can’t succeed without funds.

Please donate today in Carly’s memory. It would be a truly beautiful way to celebrate a remarkable life.