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Hours raised for heart disease research

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You, that's right, you helped us do something incredible. Together we raised $65,138.75 for Heart Disease research. That is over 1,480 hours of time - time that researchers like Melanie, Louise and Clayton can use to continue their life-changing research.

It is only with donations from people like you that our teams can continue to make medical discoveries. Whether you are a regular giver, new donor or volunteer, we are so grateful for your generosity.

From Melanie, Louise, Clayton and the whole team at The Common Good, thank you for making Christmas 2021 a Big Hearted Christmas.

The impacts of this appeal

Thanks to our social enterprise cafes, every dollar donated to our Big Hearted Christmas appeal goes directly into funding research into Heart Disease.

At $48 an hour, that is 1,480 hours of time for our research teams to further their understanding of Heart Disease, and find better outcomes for those impacted by this chronic condition.

Research time raised by our community has already achieved some incredible outcomes, like Clayton Semenzin's innovative heart pump project or Louise See Hoe's studies to extend the viability of donor hearts.

Your donation will fund these and future projects aimed at uncovering new treatments for those living with heart conditions - potentially changing the future of Heart Disease forever.

Why does your support matter? Because it make a big impact.


Heart disease is the single leading cause of death in Australia


At least 90% of us carry one or more risk factors for heart disease


Heart disease kills three times as many women as breast cancer


Almost every hour of every day an Australian woman dies of heart disease

Your donation means researchers can continue to find better outcomes for those impacted by heart disease.

Want to hear how your hours are being used?

Every day, our research teams are making life-changing medical discoveries from their labs in The Prince Charles Hospital. We want you to see exactly how your time is being used, and how your generosity is making a difference for those impacted by chronic conditions, like Heart Disease.

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