90% of our community, your customers and your staff will be affected by chronic disease in their lifetime. By simply giving $50 a week you’ll ensure one extra hour of medical research is completed at the Prince Charles Hospital every week.

In return, we will give your business content to power your marketing & events to help you network with your community. Let’s partner up and put some real community power behind these brilliant researchers and see real change in our community.

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The research you'll support

Chronic illnesses (like heart disease, lung disease, dementia and arthritis) will affect at least 90% of all Australians. Very few of us are lucky enough to avoid a chronic health issue. You, someone in your family, your employees and your staff will suffer the burden of chronic illness at some stage in your lives. You probably already know someone close to you who is struggling with a chronic health issue.

Your contribution isn’t just about supporting a charity. It’s about connecting directly with a researcher who is tackling the health issue you’re most passionate about. And you’ll be there for every step of the way.

Projects you can support:

  • Novel drug interventions for people suffering from heart failure
  • Improving mechanical assist devices for those waiting for a heart transplant
  • Making more hearts available for transplant
  • Revolutionising cardiology imaging and patient care
  • Stem cell therapy for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis and improving transplant outcomes
  • Making more lungs available for transplant
  • Increasing life-expectancy post lung transplant
  • Tackling Cystic Fibrosis by better understanding the disease
  • Developing a simple breath test to diagnose lung cancer
  • Finding a treatment for mesothelioma (the cancer caused by asbestos)
  • Developing and launching a world-first brain imaging technique to identify dementia earlier
  • Looking at the causes of osteoarthritis
  • Finding new ways to treat and stop the onset of arthritis
  • Improving surgeries and technology for joint replacements
  • Looking at treating Coeliac disease with hookworms
  • Increasing the shelf-life of donated blood (working with the Red Cross)
  • Developing the ICU of the future