Heart disease kills one Australian every 12 minutes, and 90% of us carry risk factors. Often the only cure for the worst cases of this disease is a heart transplant. Please donate to the life-saving heart research at The Prince Charles Hospital today. Your gift will help fund projects that could save the lives of people waiting for a new heart, and keep them with their loved ones this Christmas.

Heart transplant is the gold standard treatment for heart failure. It is not uncommon for someone to have to wait over a year for a suitable heart. Heartbreakingly, every day one person loses their life while waiting for the organ they so desperately need.

Last year, only around 100 of the 430 hearts made available for transplantation were able to be used – that’s only one in four. But Dr Louise See-Hoe is determined to change this statistic. Her study could increase the number of suitable hearts available for transplant by a stunning 40 per cent.

Will you please add The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation to your Christmas List and help provide hope for Australians on transplant waiting lists?

Research like Louise’s is very close to Jim Cuthbertson, a patient who was admitted to The Prince Charles Hospital Emergency with sudden heart failure. After finding out he was somehow kept alive only by one quarter of an artery working, Jim has a stent put in and a Ventricular Assist Device (mechanical heart pump) implanted.

After a long and agonising 14-month wait on a transplant list, Jim received the ultimate gift just before Christmas 2015. After a successful heart transplant, he was able to celebrate Christmas with his family from his hospital bed.

"I knew time would run out with my VAD, so to have this second chance – I felt enormously grateful, to the team at The Prince Charles Hospital and to the supporters who fund their research.

I had very mixed emotions as another family lost the opportunity to spend time with their loved one so that I could celebrate Christmas with my family. I can’t express how grateful we all are for their priceless gift."

Heart disease affects so many of us, in fact 90% of Australians have at least one risk factor. That’s why it’s so important that we support transplant research like Dr See-Hoe’s, and help make more hearts available to save lives, and keep people with their families this Christmas.