Adopt a Medical Discovery

Adopt a Medical Discovery is a unique online business engagement program designed to support a young medical researcher who is destined to improve the health of our community.

Your business has the opportunity to adopt an individual researcher and share with your staff, customers and suppliers their story and their project – the goal; to raise $10,000 in 60 days funding a 12 month project.

Your business will be provided with video content, regular updates, digital media promotion and be aligned with the researcher for the full 12 months. All while sharing the journey with your team and clients.

We all want to engage with people on a personal level – if we all contribute to a project that will help others, a shared journey is very powerful. People do care and do connect.

You will also be changing how medical discoveries are happening in Australia.

Watch our ‘Explainer Video’ here:

Contact us at or call us on 1800 501 269 to find out more about the current projects available to adopt.