About The Common Good

Right now there are millions of people around the world living with pain and crippling illness. The Common Good is an initiative of The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation aimed at bringing together everyday people to fight chronic illness.

The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation is the charity aligned with the health and medical research community based at The Prince Charles Hospital.

Established in 1986, we are charged with the responsibility to inspire a generous community to fund lifesaving and life changing health research which is tackling Australia’s most significant chronic diseases.

Our aim is to provide more than $5M per annum to support the research teams that are focussed on the early detection, treatment and recovery from heart disease, lung disease, dementia and arthritis including improving hospital care, surgery, rehabilitation and the use of new technology.

While our home is located in Chermside (Brisbane, Australia) the chronic illness that we are helping to fight against threaten the lives of 80% of all Australians.

These diseases know no boundaries – and neither do we. By working together, we can solve humanity’s biggest health problems and make the world better for everyone.

Hour by hour, one discovery at a time

Our Values


People are at the heart of everything we do. They’re who we are, why we’re here and what empowers us to make a difference.


We believe true breakthroughs come through innovation. Through daring to think outside the box, taking a chance and trying something new.


Like modern day explorers, we thrive on challenge and embrace the unknown. We believe the greatest discoveries are found on untrodden paths.


We believe when people work together as a community, they can make things happen faster, more efficiently and for the benefit of all of us.

Board of directors

Our Board are successful business and community leaders who are passionate about saving lives.

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Our people

Learn more about the great people who power The Common Good.

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Volunteering opportunities

There are a number of volunteering opportunities available with the Prince Charles Hospital Foundation, from in-hospital volunteers to scooping the iconic strawberry sundaes at the Ekka.

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Commercial activities

We operate our own commercial businesses, running cafés based at The Prince Charles Hospital and the Kedron Park Emergency services complex which allows 100% of public donations to be applied directly to lifesaving research in the area of health that donors connect with.

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Research collaborations

Global significance. National collaborations. One purpose: Make the world better, one discovery at a time.

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