About The Common Good

The Common Good is here to prove that everyday people can make things happen. And make them happen fast. Because together, we can put some real people power behind the medical conditions we care about. Together, we can channel our resources directly towards beating those conditions for good. For the common good.

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Every medical discovery has the potential to affect us all, to save or improve our own lives, or those of people we love. When everyday people come together to fund medical research, cures will be found, faster. There’s no better way to contribute than to the Common Good.

Our Values


People are at the heart of everything we do. They’re who we are, why we’re here and what empowers us to make a difference.


We believe true breakthroughs come through innovation. Through daring to think outside the box, taking a chance and trying something new.


Like modern day explorers, we thrive on challenge and embrace the unknown. We believe the greatest discoveries are found on untrodden paths.


We believe when people work together as a community, they can make things happen faster, more efficiently and for the benefit of all of us.

The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation

Behind The Common Good is a foundation of hardworking people who help bring medical research to life, by making sure funding is delivered where and when it’s needed.

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You mightn’t be able to operate a microscope, or analyse data or perform delicate surgery. But you can do something that’s equally important to finding a cure. You can make it happen faster, by spreading the word and encouraging your friends to support The Common Good too.

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